A Brief Overview On Choosing and Using Crystals


Choosing & Cleansing Your Crystal

A good way to choose the right crystal for you and your current purpose is to stand in front of a selection of crystals, close your eyes, think of your purpose, then ask for the right crystal to show itself to you. When you open your eyes you will be drawn to the appropriate crystal, this might be the first one to catch your eye or it may jump out in another way. Once you find it, place it in your hand and see if it’s energy feels right to you. If you are sensitive to crystal energy you may feel it vibrating. You may also employ the use of a pendulum to dowse for the right crystal.

Once you have found and purchased your crystal it will need to be cleansed and dedicated or programmed. Crystals can be cleansed in several ways. One popular way of cleansing crystals is to place them under the light of a full moon. Crystals can also be cleansed by burying them in the earth, this can be done in an indoor pot plant if you prefer, and dug up after a few days. Some, but not all crystals can be cleansed in salt water. Research your crystal first as some break done easily and should be kept out of water. A couple of crystals are self cleansing, and some can be cleansed by being placed on an amethyst cluster. Cleanse your crystals by the method that feels right to you. Cleansing a crystal rids it of other energies that may be present on the crystal from being handled by other people. Cleanse it as often as required so that your crystal will always perform at its optimal potential.

Dedicating or programming a crystal can be as simple as holding your crystal in your hands and meditating on it, focussing your energy into, and filling it with your intent. You may be doing this as part of a spell depending on the purpose and your intent for the crystal.

How Crystals Are Used

Crystals formed as the earth formed and they continue to change as the earth changes. Crystals absorb and transmit energy. Special care should always be taken in selecting a crystal and also in cleansing it and dedicating it.

Different crystals can be used for different purposes. Once you have decided on your purpose, selected your crystal, cleansed and dedicated it, it is time to think about how you are going to use it. How you use it will depend on your purpose. Some uses for crystals are listed below:

  • Healing
  • Scrying
  • Divination
  • Protection
  • Gem Elixirs
  • Decoration

Healing: Crystals work by balancing through vibrations. In healing, a crystal healer may opt to use a crystal wand to direct these vibrations. They may also place certain crystals at certain points on the body such as in chakra balancing. Healing crystals may also be worn or carried.

Scrying: Even if you have never heard the term scrying before, you’ve certainly seen images of it, of Gypsies and Witches poised over a crystal ball. Crystal balls can be useful for this purpose, but the use of polished onyx discs or plates/bowls also work well as the reflective surface can be stared at with unfocused eyes to bring about signs, symbols, visions and messages from the higher self.

Divination: Divination can take may forms. A lot of sets of runes these days are made from crystals. A selection of crystals can also be placed in a bag and provide an answer when selected at random from the bag when a question has been asked. The majority of pendulums are made from crystals. When selecting and using a pendulum you would select a crystal that resonates with you.

Protection: When crystals are used for protection, depending on the specific need, they can be worn, buried, carried (such as in mojo bags), or placed at specific points around the home.

Gem Elixirs: Some, but not all (as some crystals can be toxic), can be placed in a clear glass bottle with spring water to charge the water and create gem water or gem essence. This water then can be drunk or spritzed around the home.

Decoration: Many crystals are used and worn purely for decoration, though I would urge anyone doing this to research the crystals they are using as some (such as hematite) shouldn’t be worn for lengthy periods.


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