Atlantisite- The Info, The Beauty, The Uses


Atlantisite is one of my current favs. Aside from its absolute beauty, it has some great uses. Its gorgeous colouring comes from inclusions of Stichtite (the purple bits) in Serpentine (the green bits). It’s a fairly recent discovery and is found exclusively in Tasmania, Australia (and is also known as Tasmanite).

Containing both Stichtite and Serpentine means Atlantisite has the combined properties of both those crystals as well as its own unique properties. When Atlantisite is used in healing it can call in the healing energies of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria… powerful energies, indeed! It’s a great stone for accessing past life knowledge from the days of Atlantis during meditation. If you have a strong connection with Atlantis you may want to try some meditation time with Atlantisite and see what comes up for you.

Atlantisite is a stone of balance and calm, it’s great for setting boundaries within relationships, and also promotes conflict resolution. If you’re a person who rarely thinks before you speak, you may benefit from wearing or carrying a piece of Atlantisite. It is also a great stone to have in living/family areas of the home, or close to the entry door if you live alone as it promotes a welcoming environment.

Atlantisite may be beneficial in assisting with hypoglycaemia in diabetics, is meant to also beĀ beneficial for the heart and lungs, aid in stomach and kidney complaints, and ladies it’s meant to also assist with easing menstrual cramps (I haven’t tried it though as, thank the goddess! cramping isn’t much of an issue for me these days).

I find I can’t stop staring at this stone, it contains my two favourite colours but I believe I find it alluring for other reasons that I cannot fully explain with words. I find I use it in every crystal healing that I perform as it can be beneficial for so many people in so many ways… probably in ways we are yet to understand, as I mentioned above, it is a relatively new discovery and there doesn’t appear to be a great amount of information out there on it, so I believe down the track more and more properties will be discovered and discussed. I’m often drawn to placing this stone on the heart chakra, which makes sense given it is meant to be beneficial for heart and lungs, and is calming and balancing. I wouldn’t mind betting you’d never be sorry adding this one to your gem collection.

NB: None of this information is to be taken as medical advice. Please seek medical advice from a medical professional for any and all injuries, illnesses and the like.


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