Rose Quartz- The Heart, The Love, The Gentle Motherly Warmth


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The Heart Stone, the crystal of love. Rose Quartz has a beautiful, gentle energy. It has been used as a token of love for centuries. It is said that once a crystal is no longer needed, it disappears or leaves. This has been true for me on at least two occasions, the first being two pieces of agate that saved my life in a car accident, they were the only things not recovered from the wrecked car, I even went back and searched the area where I had the accident but they were gone. The second example of this is from years ago when I was engaged, I had given my fiancé a piece of Rose Quartz as a symbol of my love, but eventually I fell out of love, then he lost the Rose Quartz, it had disappeared from his pocket, and shortly after the relationship ended- true story.

Rose Quartz works on the heart chakra, promoting unconditional love, love for oneself, the ability to receive love, and also to heal relationships and foster bonds within families. Whenever I sense resentment, whether it be me towards another person or another person toward me, I like to visualise us both bathed in loving pink light. Sometimes this visualisation can be difficult if the person has caused you a lot of hurt, so holding some Rose Quartz can help as its gentle compassionate energy helps to dissolve negative feelings of resentment and even fear. It will help you relax, calm your energy, and allow you to let love in.

A while back I placed some Rose Quartz (for love) and Citrine (for abundance) next to my bed. I’ve had some very interesting dreams but thankfully no night terrors since having put the crystals there. Also my alarm and fear at bumps in the night has greatly diminished.

Wherever there are matters of the heart you may find Rose Quartz beneficial. It’s calming, soft energy may assist in situations where calming and/or soothing is required. Some may find its Motherly energy reassuring and comforting in times where you may normally have turned to your Mother but you no longer can (if she has passed or lives far away).

When performing crystal healing work, you may opt for a Rose Quartz wand to use with children due to its gentle energy, or by placing Rose Quartz crystals on the body or within a crystal grid. Rose Quartz would make a beautiful gift for a child, particularly if they struggle with fears and/or nightmares.

Now those ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two when it came to beauty practices, or so they thought (it’s not like there were cameras around in those days to capture their images so that we can compare to today’s beauty standards). We’ve probably all heard the stories of Cleopatra bathing in milk and so on, so it’s no surprise to come across reports of Rose Quartz being found in ancient tombs, supposedly used for beauty treatments. Today, people who work with crystals know the benefits of adding Rose Quartz to elixirs to assist with the complexion.

So in summary: if any of the following are required- soothing, calming, strengthening or mending bonds, relief from fears, feminine energy, motherly comfort, self love, healing for the heart… then reach for some Rose Quartz, relax and breathe. 🙂


Scrying- You Know, That Thing With The Crystal Ball

Scrying is a form of divination which can be done a number of different ways, but most people would be familiar with the popular image of scrying- a witch or gypsy with hands poised over a crystal ball. Although a crystal ball is most commonly used for scrying, any smooth surface can be used including polished crystals, black mirrors, and even a bowl of water (to name a few).

In order to scry, it helps to put yourself into a trance-like state. You can do this by clearing your mind in a similar fashion to how you would if you were to begin meditating. Next focus your gaze and attention on your chosen medium for scrying, whether it be a crystal ball or bowl of water under the full moon light. It may help to unfocus your eyes. Think about the question you want an answer to and let the images form in front of you. Say, out loud, any images you see, whether they make sense to you or not. If you are on your own, you may want some form of voice recorder present so that you can listen back once you have returned from your trance state.

If you are new to scrying, be patient, it can take some practice. Don’t worry if the messages/visions don’t make much sense to you at first, this is a form of divination that takes time to develop. You may find it useful to keep a journal of visions if you can recall them afterwards. In time you can go back and study these images/messages and see if you have formed associations to them.

If you find one medium of scrying is not working for you, then try another. I prefer using a black polished scrying disk. I have one the size of a bread and butter plate, and a smaller one that I wear on a chain (it is made of onyx) that is handy for scrying on the go, this is my preferred medium for scrying. I suggest you try a few out and see what works best for you.

NB: My advice when it comes to any form of divination is to first ask yourself if you really want to know the answer to a question. Remember that sometimes some news can be hard to hear. Choose carefully what you tell people if you are doing a reading for them, they may think they want to know the answer to something, when in reality the answer may be hard for them to hear and/or comprehend. Divination should be taken seriously and treated with respect, and should never just be ‘dabbled’ in.

Crystals Speak To Me (Choosing Crystals)

At the age of eleven I discovered that I have a type of psychic ability. Over the years I have come to dub it ‘The Knowing’. People will often say to me that I guessed the answer to a question asked, but it is not that at all. When I ask a question I want the answer to, the answer just appears in my mind and I know it to be true. I know the answer like it has always been there in my mind, yet it wasn’t until the question was asked.

During my spiritual and crystal studies I have been taught various ways of asking a crystal to present itself when I am choosing one. These methods include, but are not limited to, scrying, dowsing, sensing heat, asking one to pop out etc. The best way for me is to intuitively know which one is the one by asking it.

My latest article for The Australian Pagan Magazine will be on Moonstone. Recently I wanted to photograph some Moonstone to go with the article. I wore some Moonstone jewellery that day but found it wasn’t enough (in my opinion) and I wasn’t quite happy with the picture. I couldn’t grab more Moonstone from my collection I use for healing as I wasn’t in the same area as my holistic healing centre where they are stored that day. As I was in South Gippsland for the day I decided to pop into my favourite store for crystals and other gifts in Foster- Main Street Revelations.

The proprietor, Deborah, is a very friendly and knowledgeable lady. She waited until I was ready, and how she knew I was ready given I wandered in and out for around 5-10 minutes looking at my prize through the front window then the inside display case, I guess only The Knowing truly knows. But when I was ready she was already wandering over with the display case key asking what had caught my eye. I had found some Rainbow Moonstone eggs.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

Deborah placed these two Moonstone eggs into my hands, as I stared at them asking which one will be suitable for my purpose, the answer presented itself in my head… and I no longer question it like I used to. The eggs told me they come as a pair. So far they have been happy coming with me together, as I can sense their contentedness. They are beautiful specimens, and at Deborah’s very reasonable prices, I could afford to have both.

I have many examples of ‘The Knowing’ from my 35 years in this incarnation but I thought I would share with you my latest as it involves crystals. As an eleven year old naively playing with my new found ability, I had no idea it could be worked upon and strengthened. I’m still a little apprehensive of what the extend of my full ability is and what I can do, so for now I’m content with it helping me to speak with my crystals.

If you happen to be down in South Gippsland, pop in and see Deborah in Foster at Main Street Revelations, you won’t be disappointed you did. And don’t forget to order your next copy of The Australian Pagan Magazine to check out my article (under the pseudonym Athena Dragonfly) on Moonstone and the many other great articles by a wonderfully knowledgeable group of Australian Pagan contributors.