Crystals Speak To Me (Choosing Crystals)

At the age of eleven I discovered that I have a type of psychic ability. Over the years I have come to dub it ‘The Knowing’. People will often say to me that I guessed the answer to a question asked, but it is not that at all. When I ask a question I want the answer to, the answer just appears in my mind and I know it to be true. I know the answer like it has always been there in my mind, yet it wasn’t until the question was asked.

During my spiritual and crystal studies I have been taught various ways of asking a crystal to present itself when I am choosing one. These methods include, but are not limited to, scrying, dowsing, sensing heat, asking one to pop out etc. The best way for me is to intuitively know which one is the one by asking it.

My latest article for The Australian Pagan Magazine will be on Moonstone. Recently I wanted to photograph some Moonstone to go with the article. I wore some Moonstone jewellery that day but found it wasn’t enough (in my opinion) and I wasn’t quite happy with the picture. I couldn’t grab more Moonstone from my collection I use for healing as I wasn’t in the same area as my holistic healing centre where they are stored that day. As I was in South Gippsland for the day I decided to pop into my favourite store for crystals and other gifts in Foster- Main Street Revelations.

The proprietor, Deborah, is a very friendly and knowledgeable lady. She waited until I was ready, and how she knew I was ready given I wandered in and out for around 5-10 minutes looking at my prize through the front window then the inside display case, I guess only The Knowing truly knows. But when I was ready she was already wandering over with the display case key asking what had caught my eye. I had found some Rainbow Moonstone eggs.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

Deborah placed these two Moonstone eggs into my hands, as I stared at them asking which one will be suitable for my purpose, the answer presented itself in my head… and I no longer question it like I used to. The eggs told me they come as a pair. So far they have been happy coming with me together, as I can sense their contentedness. They are beautiful specimens, and at Deborah’s very reasonable prices, I could afford to have both.

I have many examples of ‘The Knowing’ from my 35 years in this incarnation but I thought I would share with you my latest as it involves crystals. As an eleven year old naively playing with my new found ability, I had no idea it could be worked upon and strengthened. I’m still a little apprehensive of what the extend of my full ability is and what I can do, so for now I’m content with it helping me to speak with my crystals.

If you happen to be down in South Gippsland, pop in and see Deborah in Foster at Main Street Revelations, you won’t be disappointed you did. And don’t forget to order your next copy of The Australian Pagan Magazine to check out my article (under the pseudonym Athena Dragonfly) on Moonstone and the many other great articles by a wonderfully knowledgeable group of Australian Pagan contributors.


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