Rose Quartz- The Heart, The Love, The Gentle Motherly Warmth


The bracelet and pendant in the photo above were purchased from Matty’s Pagan Creations which has a plethora of absolutely gorgeous items that you must browse for yourself. My Mother and I have made several purchases from Matty’s Pagan Creations and plan to make many more… check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

The Heart Stone, the crystal of love. Rose Quartz has a beautiful, gentle energy. It has been used as a token of love for centuries. It is said that once a crystal is no longer needed, it disappears or leaves. This has been true for me on at least two occasions, the first being two pieces of agate that saved my life in a car accident, they were the only things not recovered from the wrecked car, I even went back and searched the area where I had the accident but they were gone. The second example of this is from years ago when I was engaged, I had given my fiancé a piece of Rose Quartz as a symbol of my love, but eventually I fell out of love, then he lost the Rose Quartz, it had disappeared from his pocket, and shortly after the relationship ended- true story.

Rose Quartz works on the heart chakra, promoting unconditional love, love for oneself, the ability to receive love, and also to heal relationships and foster bonds within families. Whenever I sense resentment, whether it be me towards another person or another person toward me, I like to visualise us both bathed in loving pink light. Sometimes this visualisation can be difficult if the person has caused you a lot of hurt, so holding some Rose Quartz can help as its gentle compassionate energy helps to dissolve negative feelings of resentment and even fear. It will help you relax, calm your energy, and allow you to let love in.

A while back I placed some Rose Quartz (for love) and Citrine (for abundance) next to my bed. I’ve had some very interesting dreams but thankfully no night terrors since having put the crystals there. Also my alarm and fear at bumps in the night has greatly diminished.

Wherever there are matters of the heart you may find Rose Quartz beneficial. It’s calming, soft energy may assist in situations where calming and/or soothing is required. Some may find its Motherly energy reassuring and comforting in times where you may normally have turned to your Mother but you no longer can (if she has passed or lives far away).

When performing crystal healing work, you may opt for a Rose Quartz wand to use with children due to its gentle energy, or by placing Rose Quartz crystals on the body or within a crystal grid. Rose Quartz would make a beautiful gift for a child, particularly if they struggle with fears and/or nightmares.

Now those ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two when it came to beauty practices, or so they thought (it’s not like there were cameras around in those days to capture their images so that we can compare to today’s beauty standards). We’ve probably all heard the stories of Cleopatra bathing in milk and so on, so it’s no surprise to come across reports of Rose Quartz being found in ancient tombs, supposedly used for beauty treatments. Today, people who work with crystals know the benefits of adding Rose Quartz to elixirs to assist with the complexion.

So in summary: if any of the following are required- soothing, calming, strengthening or mending bonds, relief from fears, feminine energy, motherly comfort, self love, healing for the heart… then reach for some Rose Quartz, relax and breathe. 🙂


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