Moldavite Is Outta This World!

My daughter’s first encounter with Moldavite at the age of three was intense. She did not want to let that tiny piece of Tektite go and became upset when I tried to take it back from her. It really came as no surprise considering we have known from the moment she first opened those very aware, very alert eyes that she is a child of the stars. Moldavite belongs to the group of Tektites, and is found exclusively in Czechoslovakia. It’s believed that Moldavite is of extraterrestrial origin, perhaps forming millions of years ago from a meteorite colliding with Earth.


When I first held that piece of Moldavite that my daughter didn’t seem to want to let go of, I was disappointed to not have the same type of attachment to it, in fact I felt nothing at all. It’s true that certain pieces speak to us, and not long afterwards I had the opportunity to hold a piece of Moldavite whose vibration interacted with my own in such a way that caused it to feel hot and buzzing in my hand. I was back in my favourite shop in the little South Gippy town of Foster, Main Street Revelations. Deborah handed me two or three specimens of Moldavite that had been made into jewellery, the last piece I held is the one that gave me the previously described sensation. I knew that in time we would have much work to do and that I had a lot to learn from this mighty piece of ET rock.

If the theories of its formation are true, then Moldavite is not purely extraterrestrial but a star-born, fire formed blend of heaven and earth. A stone with great potential for unlocking our hearts to the Universe. Indeed it is said that Moldavite may work on the heart chakra, but it is certainly not for the faint of heart as its intensity can take some getting used to. This is a stone that Lightworkers may find beneficial in this Age of Aquarius to help the Earth and fellow man to bring in the light and begin the ascension.

In all that I have read of Moldavite over my time in working with crystals, I have come to understand that this is a crystal only to be taken on when the time is right. In my growth and work as a spiritual being and Lightworker, I am aware that Moldavite came to me at a time when I was ready, and that to have beheld it before that time would not have been a successful partnership. Now though, I am ready to take on the tasks the Universe has set before me and so it has placed Moldavite invitingly into my path.

In time, when I have come to understand its powers more I will chronicle more of our journey into this blog, but for now, the information I am receiving via this powerful companion is yet to be fully comprehended and interpreted.


2 thoughts on “Moldavite Is Outta This World!

  1. I don’t really know much about crystals but thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts. So how do Crystals work? Thanks for sharing at #abitofeverything


    • Good question 🙂 simplest, quickest way to answer is that crystals contain energy, science proves this, and many electronic devices are made from crystal components. Like we, as humans, can lend our energy to another being in the form of physical or emotional or mental energy, a crystal can also lend its energy to another being. Crystals are living beings- they contain energy, they form, they grow.


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