Hematite- My Personal Fav!



Hematite is my all-time favourite crystal. I have been attracted to it for as long as I have loved crystals. Someone once told me this makes sense as I am a Gemini and need its grounding powers, and they are correct. Just like a magpie I’m distracted and attracted to shiny things (lol magpie- I’m also a Collingwood supporter), and so Hematite’s metallic shine always draws my eye, and I want to take home every piece I see.

Like other dark stones, Hematite is useful for grounding and protection. I like to use it during a crystal healing to help anchor the client during deep spiritual work. I also like to use it after I’ve done a client’s healing to clear and ground myself. I also use Hematite to ground myself after meditation as I tend to be a person that comes out of meditation begrudgingly because I love being in the other realms just chilling out, Earth’s vibration is denser and I often feel a jolt coming back that makes me feel out of sync with this plane- the Hematite helps me to adjust to this denser vibration.

Another reason I’m most likely drawn to Hematite may be that I suffer from anaemia and anxiety, two conditions that Hematite is known for aiding. Hematite, due to it’s being the mineral form of Iron Oxide, is said to aid absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells. The name Hematite in fact derives its meaning from the Greek word for blood.

So as I just mentioned, it is the mineral form of Iron Oxide… that’s right, not technically a crystal, Hematite is a mineral. It is associated with blood disorders, and its magnetic form may aid with arthritic conditions. Hematite is used to help boost self-esteem, and balance meridians. Hematite is connected to the base chakra. I have also heard that Hematite may assist with addictions.

I believe Hematite is an important addition to your collection if you do a lot of spiritual work, given its grounding and balancing properties. Made into a magnetic bracelet, it also makes a great gift for someone who struggles from arthritis. Given its reflective surface, it could be used for scrying if you didn’t have any black stone discs or quartz balls.