Crystals For Achieving A Healthy Weight

Did you see what I did there? I didn’t call this article “Crystals For Weight Loss.” Why not, you ask? Well, in thinking about my most recent health journey (which I hope weight loss will be a part of it), I began thinking about the types of crystals I could use to assist me in this journey. Now, there are plenty of articles out there recommending certain crystals for weight loss but if I’ve learnt nothing else in my life, it’s that everyone’s weight loss journey is very unique to the very specific requirements of the individual.

Take me for example; people assume I’m overweight because I eat too much. On the contrary, I actually don’t eat enough (or often enough) for my specific health requirements. My metabolism is almost non-existent, I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which has led to type 2 diabetes, I have an underactive thyroid, and many doctors have admitted to me that although they need to suggest to me to lose weight, they can appreciate that it is a very difficult thing for me to do.

So right there is one example of a specific weight loss journey- in my case it’s not about supressing appetite or radical diet changes, my journey needs to consist of me finding a way to boost my metabolism so that my body can make better use of the healthy stuff I put in it. But somebody else’s journey may be about supressing appetite, another individual may need support in making healthy choices, and for someone else it may be around being more active and getting a good amount of exercise.

So the point I’m getting at here is that giving people a general overview of a couple of crystals that may assist with weight loss may not be very helpful unless it is specifically directed at the particular area of the weight loss journey they need to target. Just think about it for a moment; take someone who eats an average amount of food, maybe not the right foods, but they certainly don’t eat to excess. Now if that person happens to be a diabetic, then it is important they eat regularly to maintain their blood sugar levels, right? So how helpful would it be to give them a ‘crystal for weight loss’ if that crystal’s role is to assist with supressing the appetite?

So baring that last point in mind, I set about writing this blog post with a view to making suggestions for crystals that aren’t about losing weight, but more around being healthy in general, and supporting people on their individual journeys to becoming more fit & healthy.

So onto the crystals….

How many times have you started on a weight loss journey, which at first starts out ok, you lose a few kilos, but as soon as it plateaus you give up… but then you try again 6-12 months down the track and then you quit again, and then you discover a new diet or pill or exercise regime, and that all fails too, and then you hate yourself so you go and eat a cheese burger and packet of Tim Tams on the couch in front of your favourite movie… sound familiar? Yup, we are our own worst enemies, our worst critics. We need to be kind to ourselves if we are to succeed on these journeys. We need to be encouraging and nurturing, as we would be to others if we were to try and support them on a similar journey. Being kind to ourselves isn’t easy and that’s where I believe Rhodocrosite may be beneficial. This beautiful stone of love and compassion helps bring about a positive attitude, it helps you to face yourself and your truth but in a way that is loving and tender. A bonus is that Rhodocrosite helps to balance the thyroid (definitely a plus for me!) Rose Quartz is another good choice as it is a stone of unconditional love and has a beautiful soft energy.

The following is a list of crystals that may help support health and address some of the areas of imbalance that can lead to an unhealthy weight. Using (and trusting) your intuition, choose what feels right for you. Various methods of using the crystals can be applied, check out my blog post on Maximising Your Drinking Water With Crystal Grids for some ideas. The crystals can also be worn/carried or meditated upon.

Amazonite helps to maintain optimum health.

Sodalite balances the metabolism and boosts the immune system.

Amethyst balances the metabolism.

Chrysocolla helps maintain the metabolism, thyroid, and blood sugars, and may be beneficial in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Herkimer Diamond may prevent burnout, and help balance the metabolism.

White Moonstone may improve digestion, while Rainbow Moonstone may assist hormonal issues including thyroid.

Lemon Chrysoprase may assist in weight loss, detox, and balancing the hormones.

Blue Topaz may boost the metabolism and aid digestion.

This list is in no way extensive; these are the crystals I have chosen for this article using my knowledge and intuition. You may find other crystals work better for you, and I would encourage you to explore and use your intuition when building a relationship with the crystals you want to use to support you in your spiritual and holistic health and growth.

Don’t forget, this is still no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. Also this is not medical advice, it is merely a suggested holistic support used as an add-on to your health journey. I wish you all the very best of luck xx.



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