Protection For An Anticipated Stressful Day Ahead

The other day I anticipated that it was to be a stressful day at work; there were a few things going on and I was feeling very anxious about things. So my crystal choices for the day included the following:

Rainbow Moonstone (ring): I chose this crystal for its motherly support. It’s a great stone for when you are feeling alone or vulnerable. In this particular situation I was feeling vulnerable.

Smoky Quartz (tucked in my bra): I chose this one for its protective qualities and its ability to cleanse the aura. I thought it a good choice in case I picked up any negativity from the situation.

Watermelon Tourmaline (pendant): I chose this to support my heart chakra.

Rose Quartz (bracelet): Again, this was to support my heart chakra.

How did it all turn out? I actually had an enjoyable day. Now, you may not want to carry or wear so many pieces, one crystal may suffice; I followed my intuition on this one and it led me to choose four pieces for the day.



Crystals To Assist The Empath

No doubt being an Empath can at times be a cumbersome existence, but as an Empath myself, I believe that, at times, it is also a rewarding existence. As an Empath you get to connect to other beings via an energetic web that gives you insights into the feelings and experiences of those around you; sometimes this is a pleasant feeling, such as the warm and fuzzies that unconditional love can bring about, and yet other times it can be shear dread and horror given off by someone who is genuinely and utterly terrified.

Empaths tend to want to avoid crowded places such as cities, large festivals, busy shopping centres, and streets, and all for good reason. I grew up on the edge of a small country town in rural Victoria, Australia. I was comfortable there, and since I left at the age of 22 I have never felt that comfortable again. When I can’t avoid traveling to Metropolitan areas I literally have to psych myself up to be there; this involves mentally preparing, mindfulness exercises, and protective white lighting (not to mention a special selection of crystals stuffed down my bra). Without these careful preparations I can only describe the feeling of walking urban streets as being “sludged upon” as I pass in close proximity to other people and inevitably through their auric fields as they pass through mine.

As you walk down a busy city street, you are passing and even brushing by other individuals every second or so; that is a lot of different peoples’ varied emotional states you’re passing by! And for the Empath, this would be like flicking between radio stations of contrasting genres at high speed… rock to country to heavy metal to classical to R ‘n’ B… and so forth… get the picture? Yep, sounds exhausting, right? And it is! It is emotionally draining and can leave an Empath a nervous wreck.

So why do we go out at all? Well, frankly sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Some Empaths certainly do become recluses, some are introverts, and then there is me. I’m a Gemini (actually cusp born Gemini-Taurus, a Tauremini- yes, it’s a thing). Taureminis are very conflicted people, which is no surprise when you are born on the cusp of the two most opposite signs of the Zodiac. But a Gemini can use the grounding a Taurus can provide, and a Taurus can use the light heartedness that a Gemini can provide… trust me, I know, my Mother and Husband are both Taurus. So my particular dilemma is that I have a want to be around people, but they drain me, and I tend to suffer from anxiety (that rarely comes from my own issues). And you’ll never guess what I do for a 9-5 job in the mundane world… I work in the Welfare Sector, in Mental Health no less… glutton for punishment? Nah! I love the idea that I can affect change in people’s lives, that as a Empath I can empathise with people and make them feel comfortable and heard and understood. My clients know they are people and not numbers to me, they know that I respect and value them as people because I can show them that. However I do deal with people in crisis and people in various states of depression and anxiety so it is very important I know how to protect myself from taking on the feelings of people I work with and feeling them as my own, because they are not my own, and this is an important thing to remember.

I keep a piece of Smoky Quartz on my desk at work, when I know that my protective white lighting may need an extra boost, like when things are particularly stressful or people are particularly upset, I pop this tumbled piece of Smoky Quartz into my bra and off I go (fellas, you can put it in your pocket or in a small bag around your neck under your shirt for carrying crystals). I choose Smoky Quartz for its grounding and protecting properties as well as its ability to absorb negativity and reduce stress.

If you need to be in a crowded space then it is beneficial to learn and practice how to pull in your auric field closer to your physical body so that fewer people are able to pass through it. However, when you are literally squished up against people in crowds (such as at concerts, for example) then being in each other’s auric fields is pretty much unavoidable. So, knowing that you are potentially heading into these situations, you know that your aura will need cleansing. Some crystals that help to cleanse the aura include: The Purples- Amethyst, Ametrine, Charoite, and Fluorite; and also Tourmaline, and Rutilated Quartz. I like to wear Rutilated Quartz when I perform Crystal Healings.

As I always say, learn to trust your intuition too, if there is a particular crystal that brings you comfort in these situations then I’d say that crystal is a good choice for you to use. It took me years to learn to trust my intuition, but once I finally did, it allowed me to become a much better healer.