Protection For An Anticipated Stressful Day Ahead

The other day I anticipated that it was to be a stressful day at work; there were a few things going on and I was feeling very anxious about things. So my crystal choices for the day included the following:

Rainbow Moonstone (ring): I chose this crystal for its motherly support. It’s a great stone for when you are feeling alone or vulnerable. In this particular situation I was feeling vulnerable.

Smoky Quartz (tucked in my bra): I chose this one for its protective qualities and its ability to cleanse the aura. I thought it a good choice in case I picked up any negativity from the situation.

Watermelon Tourmaline (pendant): I chose this to support my heart chakra.

Rose Quartz (bracelet): Again, this was to support my heart chakra.

How did it all turn out? I actually had an enjoyable day. Now, you may not want to carry or wear so many pieces, one crystal may suffice; I followed my intuition on this one and it led me to choose four pieces for the day.



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