“Just be in the moment,” is a phrase I have heard many times over the years of my spiritual journey. It’s an easy phrase to utter but it has taken me many years of learning and acquiring discipline to master (and yet still not quite mastered). It requires the ability to quiet one’s mind, which in all fairness is a difficult task for a Gemini, let alone a cusp-born Tauremini such as myself.

Taureminis, being born on the cusp of two opposing astrological signs, are conflicted people, now add that to the multiple streams of mind chatter racing through a Gemini’s head at any one time, and it can make for some indepth debates and random theosophical discussions. To put it succinctly, quieting the mind can be challenging until mastered.

The key is not fighting yourself, the more you tell your mind to shut up, the more it defies you and the more you will enter into debate with it; ergo even MORE annoying brain chatter. When the chatter begins, firstly remain calm, don’t get frustrated. Then, acknowledge whatever it is that your mind absolutely needs to tell you in that moment, then just move it on. See, the mistake we tend to make here is to enter into a “discussion” with our minds on the topic of the “chatter”. You have the power of CHOICE! Choose not to engage your thoughts. Move thoughts on with the promise to yourself that when the time is right, later on, you will return to those thoughts and give them the attention they require. Moving thoughts on was a technique I was taught many years ago when learning to meditate.

Techniques employed in meditation are effective for “being in the moment.” Being in the moment is just that- not dwelling in the past, not being anxious about the future, but being fully present in this exact moment in time, seeing it for what it is- a fleeting moment in an endless string of moments that make up our existence; and then to enjoy the moment, and to be grateful for it.

When you are able to be in the moment, stress and anxiety can fall away. You can breathe easy and just enjoy, let go and enjoy. If this sounds like an impossible thing to you, it may be that your mind is constantly focussing on things which you cannot affect in the moment, such as a previous poor decision, or an impending disciplinary meeting that nothing you can do in this moment is going to change but you are still obsessing over it and causing yourself unnecessary anxiety. If this sounds like you, then there are techniques you can employ to help bring your mind back to the present moment and away from emotions like regret, and anxiety inducing thoughts.

Engaging the five physical senses may help you to stay present in the moment. Engaging sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch in a technique employed to help sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to bring them back into the present moment when they are experiencing a distressing flashback. Smelling coffee beans, looking at bright colours and detailed patterns, and feeling textured objects are ways to engage the senses.

If you are the crafty type (which I am!) you can create your own “In The Moment” object to carry on you (or for someone else to carry), that can be used when the need to be in the moment is called for. A tool to calm and soothe and bring the mind back to the present moment. I have suggested making such an item to the Mental Health clients I work with.

Here is a picture of one that I have made:


In the above example I have used scraps of brightly coloured and patterned material of differing textures sewn together. Inside I sewed some small bells. The lace butterfly, buttons, and the taggy ribbons add texture, pattern and colour. I have added a few sprinkles of essential oil to the item. So as you can see the object engages sight, tactile, hearing, and smell… taste was tricky but I figured four out of the five senses would suffice.

You can make this object however you like: fill the object with coffee beans, dried lavender, potpourri, or even add a few drops/squirts of your favourite perfume or essential oil. Metal charms that clank together could be added for sound, or cellophane could be added to the inner lining to make a crinkly sound. Sequins, buttons, and other such objects can be sewn to the outer layer for detail and texture to engage the tactile sense. Basically the object is very similar to those sensory toys given to babies.

Once you have trained your brain to let go of past and future regrets and worries (as there is usually very little you can do in the present moment to affect these things), you can then, in theory, stop anxiety attacks in their tracks (an important tool for those of us who know the embarrassment of a public anxiety meltdown). When you can truly be in the moment, you can add valuable peace to your wellbeing, allowing yourself the ability to connect to the Divine in all around you.

Good luck on your journey. If you make an “In The Moment” object, paste a picture in the comments section below so that we can all experience and enjoy each other’s creativity… I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

My Crystal Tip: Add some Fluorite to your object, or just carry or wear some to help you learn to meditate and assist to manage that “chatter”. A calming stone, Fluorite may help to relieve anxiety and reduce fear for the future.