Chrysocolla- Oceans Of Meaningful Communication

Who could resist the beauty and allure of Chrysocolla, seriously who? Well I do love my bluey-green coloured stones, and Chrysocolla is no different…


Chrysocolla, from the Greek ‘chrysos’ and ‘kolla’ meaning gold and glue, as it was once used as a gold soldering agent. Chrysocolla is a beautiful bluey-teal and green colour. As the colours suggest, Chrysocolla is beneficial at the heart and throat chakras, assisting in bringing loving heart energy up through the throat chakra to foster hearty and sincere communication.

 Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, helping to dispel negativity. It may help to reduce anxiety and stress with its calming effect. I find just staring at its beautiful swirl of delicious colour is enough to send peaceful swirling tendrils of tranquility through my body. Chrysocolla’s intense colours remind me of the ocean, which has always had a calming effect on me (anyone would think I was a water sign instead of an air sign, go figure).


Although Chrysocolla is great for assisting at the throat chakra, specifically when it comes to clear and meaningful communication, it can be used at any of the chakras to help align and energize them. Chrysocolla, used at the third eye chakra may assist to stimulate psychic abilities. It is also a good choice for the higher heart chakra.

Chrysocolla can empower women and assist men to be in touch with their feminine sides. It will inspire expression and creativity. Carry some Chrysocolla to aid you in expressing your ideas to others. 

Physically, I love Chrysocolla as it aids healing of arthritis and rheumatism, assists with insulin production and balancing the blood, and also assists with thyroid problems (unfortunately I tick all those boxes).

 I resisted Chrysocolla for so long, this suggests to me that I had to wait for it to come to me at a time when I would need it most. I purchased my first piece of Chrysocolla when undertaking my Crystal Light Healing® studies, which when thought about, makes a lot of sense; Chrysocolla is beneficial to someone speaking to groups, and imparting wisdom and knowledge within a spiritual setting.

 So, how do you feel about Chrysocolla? Leave me a comment below and let me know.