Deck The Halls! It’s Almost Yule Down Under!

So here in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve not long celebrated Samhain and now we turn our thoughts toward the coming Winter Solstice. This year I’ve had the honour of being invited to celebrate at a friend’s home (so no feast cooking for me this Yule! I might be slightly pleased about that), and so I offered my services in writing the Yule Ritual for the celebration. As my friend has invited some people who are more so open to the idea of Paganism rather than actually being Pagan, I was asked to keep the ritual simple as we didn’t want to scare them off. I decided to share the ritual with my readers here. I have omitted calling the quarters and haven’t added any details regarding circle casting so you can you make it as elaborate or toned-down for your non-Pagan friends and family as you want. I am happy for you to take this ritual for your own personal use but please, if you re-publish it, please credit the source… thanking you in advance.

I also hope to include the pictures from our celebration in a future blog post.

The following ritual can be adapted for solitary ritual. Please always exercise caution when using candles/flame.

Yule Ritual 2016

written by Athena Dragonfly

Facilitator: “Welcome. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. From here on in the days begin to lengthen. On Solstice Night the Goddess prepares to give birth to the Sun/Son. As the sun rises in the morning, she welcomes the arrival of the sun/son, and we rejoice in the promise of Summer’s return.”

Cast Circle.

Facilitator: “As the Sun begins to make his return, and the darkness begins to retreat, the time for releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us presents itself.”

Hand out pieces of paper and pens.

Facilitator: “Spend a few moments thinking about things that you want to let go of, then write them down on the paper.”

Light candle in cauldron.

Facilitator: “On this Solstice Night the Oak King & the Holly King have done battle, and the Oak King has emerged victorious, his reign over the waxing half the year begins. Now we begin to welcome back the light in the lengthening days as the shadows and darkness begin to flee, we say farewell to the trials of the year past as we release and let go the things that would hold us back or slow our journeys.”

One by one each person steps up to the altar, meditates a moment on what is written on their piece of paper, then sets fire to the paper, dropping it into the cauldron with intent that they are letting go of whatever it was they wished to release.

Facilitator: “Universe please hear our intent, we have now let go of what no longer serves us so that we may enter this new year with new goals and a clear, unhindered path ahead. So mote it be.”

All: “So mote it be.”

Open circle.

©Athena Dragonfly aka The Crystal Brown Witch


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