Selenite- The Moon, The Angels, & The Divine. 

Selenite, so named for the moon as they both share that magical lustre that draws us all in, is a variety of gypsum that is found in a number of countries including Australia. It is a very soft mineral that scratches easily and needs to be kept dry. Make sure you store it separately from other crystals, preferably wrapped or padded and in a dry environment.
Yep, you guessed it, Selenite (named for Selene- Moon Goddess) is associated with the moon and therefore Moon Magick; but Selenite is also associated with other celestial beings- Angels. If you seek the guidance of Angels, Selenite may assist you in doing so. It is a crystal that promotes love and harmony, and works well to maintain loving relationships. 
Selenite has a high vibration and can connect you with the higher realms, facilitating spiritual development. It may also assist in unlocking talents from your previous lifetime/s. Try using Selenite in meditation to facilitate self-discovery and to come to better understand your place in the world. 
Selenite cleanses the aura, and opens and activates the upper chakras (all the way to the soul star chakra!). Purifying and cleansing on an energetic level, it is often employed by holistic healers. Selenite can link spirit and matter by lowering the frequency of light while raising the frequency of matter, this helps to bring us closer to the Divine.
Selenite is a protective stone that can dispel negative energy. It can enhance one’s psychic abilities, and also bring about mental clarity. It may also have a stabilising, therefore calming effect on the emotions by bringing to the forefront our true spiritual purpose. 
On the physical side of things (and remembering this is meant as an holistic support and NOT medical advice), Selenite may assist with fertility and increasing libido, and is a wonderful support for pregnancy and the resulting motherhood… no wonder it’s named for the moon (the moon, of course, having a link to the menstrual cycle of women). Selenite may also be great for the bones by assisting with calcium absorption, also I remember learning at some point in my crystal studies that it may benefit the spine in helping to align it, I’ve prescribed it to my mother in the past when she was having trouble with her back and she reported some improvement after using some Selenite I gave her for the purpose. 
My interest in Selenite has increased steadily over the past twelve months and when I contemplate that I’m not at all surprised. As we move toward ascension in the Age of Aquarius, it makes sense that Selenite would help facilitate this process with its abilities to reach the higher realms and bring down the Divine light into the physical matter of the human body. Selenite brings about mental clarity and enhances our psychic abilities, it allows us to recall past life knowledge, so to me that suggests it would make the perfect partner for us at this point in our spiritual journeys at this time on Earth.
So in summation, if you are looking to further your spiritual and/or psychic development, or you are in the business of energetic healing, Selenite is a must have for the “toolbox”. Just remember to treat it gently; I use a Selenite rod in my Merkabah grid under my crystal healing table, and although I often leave the grid set up (made up of Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline), I always remove the Selenite and carefully pack it away to protect it from accidental damage.


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