Why Emeralds (and not diamonds) Are This Girl’s Best Friend

I was born in the month of May, and therefore my birthstone is the Emerald. Awesome, because my favourite colour is green; and so I loved wearing the birthstone jewellery my mother bought me when I was a young girl.
As an adult I can appreciate Emerald even more so. Emeralds may help as an holistic support to diabetics. I like to carry a tumbled piece when I’m struggling to control my blood glucose levels. Emerald may also have a detoxifying effect on the liver, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t benefit from that. 

In times long ago Emerald was used as an antidote to poison and is still rumoured to assist during times of food poisoning; I often suffer food poisoning as a result of some flaw in my immune system so I like to keep Emerald close at hand for support.

The colour green is associated with healing and also with the heart chakra, so Emerald, being green, could be a choice when working with these energies. Any reference book on crystals will give an ample list of ailments and organs that Emerald may assist, but as I always advise- use your intuition as your choices for any particular ailment or issue can be vast and overwhelming. One use for Emerald that always sticks in my head though is for insect bites because I’m allergic to mosquitos (I believe the ever wonderful Cassandra Eason and her book The New Crystal Bible was responsible for that tip; great book by the way, I recommend getting your hands on it). 

Emerald has history among Ancient Egypt for which I have an affinity; I believe Emerald and I were destined to be together in this lifetime and that that must be a sign that we have some work to do together this time around. 

Emerald is a stone of protection and of love. Wearing Emerald may enhance your clairvoyant abilities… I know that I’ve been wearing Emerald for most of my life and that my clairvoyant abilities were present from a young age… coincidence? Perhaps, but then I don’t believe in coincidences (wink, wink). 

Emerald may provide comfort in times of claustrophobia, another good reason to have it close by. I’m one of those people who starts hyperventilating when I watch a scene from a movie where the actors are climbing through an air conditioning duct (that happens in a lot of films ya know!). 

So screw diamonds! For all the above reasons are why Emeralds are this girl’s best friend. 

Tumbled Stone of Emerald


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