Unakite- Loving Lights Intertwined

Unakite is a great stone when working with the heart as it contains both the heart colours- green and pink. This crystal promotes balance, harmony, and also the intertwining of two lives; and perhaps turning those two lives into three. You may like to use Unakite to support you during conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. 
Unakite is a spiritual stone that can be beneficial during meditation to bring about psychic visions. I like to use it a lot during my Crystal Healing work as it assists at several of the chakras including third eye (psychic visions), heart and higher heart, and even some of the lower chakras as it has grounding properties. 

Unakite can help in removing energetic blockages which fosters release of negativity and other hurdles and traps holding us back from achieving our goals; this may also include addictions that are troublesome to overcome.

Unakite is one crystal I would recommend to belong in your “essentials” kit. It is a good crystal to add to your collection when you are first starting to explore crystals. I remember falling in love with Unakite in my early days of crystal exploration as its energy is gentle yet powerful and easy to work with. I hope you will enjoy it too.

©The Crystal Brown Witch

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