Cryptozoology & The Paranormal in Gippsland

How much do you really know about the area you live in? I’m not talking about current day statistics, but rather the history, the really interesting stuff. Who were the area’s pioneers? What struggles did they face? Are there stories or rumours of cryptids, UFOs, or hauntings? AND if there are stories of cryptids, UFOs, and hauntings, what makes your area a hotspot?
I grew up in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. This means I’ve been fortunate enough to live in an area rich in paranormal mystery. Growing up I heard countless stories of the infamous Gippsland Big Black Cat, this piqued my interest in cryptozoology from a young age. I’ve been witness to many UFO sightings and ghost sightings, I’ve even captured a ghost with my iPhone! See link here ¬†The Ghost of Imbolc Past

So for any of my fellow Gippslanders out there, I’m interested in starting a group of like minded souls with a keen interest in the paranormal/cryptozoology and such, a group that can share stories, meet up occasionally, and maybe do some sky watching or paranormal investigations together. And to my readers in other areas, I’d love for you to share any extraordinary stories of the unexplained that you may have experienced in your own areas. Feel free to comment below.