Maximising Your Drinking Water With Crystal Grids

Ever wondered if your drinking water was performing at its utmost potential? Well there is something that you can do in order to help maximise its potential so that you are getting the most benefit out of your water, using the positive energy of crystals and positive intention.

The late Dr. Emoto understood the effects of positive and negative energy on water and devoted his life’s work to it. You can read more about Dr. Emoto here. It really goes without saying that positive energy leads to positive things and negative energy leads to negative things, so we would want to charge our lives with lots of positive energy. One way of doing this is by charging our drinking water with positive energy with the assistance of crystals.

If you are familiar with Dr. Emoto’s work you will be aware of the ways in which he used words, pieces of music etc. to affect the crystal formations in water (check out this short clip on youtube). After learning about Dr. Emoto’s work in my studies I decided to give this a try for myself.

The tap water where I live is not very pleasant to drink, you can really taste the chlorine and fluoride. I was blown away that I was able to alter the taste of our tap water by doing this very simple experiment. I took a piece of post-it note and wrote the word “HAPPY” on it and drew some love hearts. I put some tap water into a glass and placed the glass on top of the post-it note on my kitchen bench. I then intuitively selected some crystals to make a crystal grid around the water. You can use whatever crystals you think/intuitively feel are appropriate for your particular purpose.

"HAPPY" water being charged in a crystal grid.

“HAPPY” water being charged in a crystal grid.

Sorry about the quality of the picture, it’s hard to take a good picture at night in our house. I will do a blog in the future on crystal gridding but basically for this one I chose Lepidolite which helps to balance moods and placed it in a clear quartz crystal points grid. I left this undisturbed on the bench overnight. In the morning I drank the water and was pleasantly surprised that the water no longer had its foul taste, in fact it was very refreshing! I felt upbeat all day.

I felt it was such a great success that the next time I found myself in a fibromyalgia flare I tried charging water with healing qualities. Using the same method as above I set up this grid below with the word “HEALTH” written on the post-it note. I chose Rose Quartz, Fluorite, and Citrine to assist with my fibromyalgia and placed them in a grid with clear crystal points.

"HEALTH" water in a crystal grid.

“HEALTH” water in a crystal grid.

Again I was amazed with the change in taste and the uplifting feeling I got from consuming this water that doesn’t come with drinking the water directly from the tap. Now imagine instead of a drinking glass, using a pitcher or carafe or other larger drinking vessel that you could get several glasses out of during the day, and being able to drink this incredible water throughout the day. You could use any positive word, for example: LOVE, GRATITUTE, JOY, PEACE, TRANQUILITY, ABUNDANCE etc. whatever suits your purpose, and select the associated crystals to help charge the water.

Love and Light to ALL!