Unakite- Loving Lights Intertwined

Unakite is a great stone when working with the heart as it contains both the heart colours- green and pink. This crystal promotes balance, harmony, and also the intertwining of two lives; and perhaps turning those two lives into three. You may like to use Unakite to support you during conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. 
Unakite is a spiritual stone that can be beneficial during meditation to bring about psychic visions. I like to use it a lot during my Crystal Healing work as it assists at several of the chakras including third eye (psychic visions), heart and higher heart, and even some of the lower chakras as it has grounding properties. 

Unakite can help in removing energetic blockages which fosters release of negativity and other hurdles and traps holding us back from achieving our goals; this may also include addictions that are troublesome to overcome.

Unakite is one crystal I would recommend to belong in your “essentials” kit. It is a good crystal to add to your collection when you are first starting to explore crystals. I remember falling in love with Unakite in my early days of crystal exploration as its energy is gentle yet powerful and easy to work with. I hope you will enjoy it too.

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Why Emeralds (and not diamonds) Are This Girl’s Best Friend

I was born in the month of May, and therefore my birthstone is the Emerald. Awesome, because my favourite colour is green; and so I loved wearing the birthstone jewellery my mother bought me when I was a young girl.
As an adult I can appreciate Emerald even more so. Emeralds may help as an holistic support to diabetics. I like to carry a tumbled piece when I’m struggling to control my blood glucose levels. Emerald may also have a detoxifying effect on the liver, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t benefit from that. 

In times long ago Emerald was used as an antidote to poison and is still rumoured to assist during times of food poisoning; I often suffer food poisoning as a result of some flaw in my immune system so I like to keep Emerald close at hand for support.

The colour green is associated with healing and also with the heart chakra, so Emerald, being green, could be a choice when working with these energies. Any reference book on crystals will give an ample list of ailments and organs that Emerald may assist, but as I always advise- use your intuition as your choices for any particular ailment or issue can be vast and overwhelming. One use for Emerald that always sticks in my head though is for insect bites because I’m allergic to mosquitos (I believe the ever wonderful Cassandra Eason and her book The New Crystal Bible was responsible for that tip; great book by the way, I recommend getting your hands on it). 

Emerald has history among Ancient Egypt for which I have an affinity; I believe Emerald and I were destined to be together in this lifetime and that that must be a sign that we have some work to do together this time around. 

Emerald is a stone of protection and of love. Wearing Emerald may enhance your clairvoyant abilities… I know that I’ve been wearing Emerald for most of my life and that my clairvoyant abilities were present from a young age… coincidence? Perhaps, but then I don’t believe in coincidences (wink, wink). 

Emerald may provide comfort in times of claustrophobia, another good reason to have it close by. I’m one of those people who starts hyperventilating when I watch a scene from a movie where the actors are climbing through an air conditioning duct (that happens in a lot of films ya know!). 

So screw diamonds! For all the above reasons are why Emeralds are this girl’s best friend. 

Tumbled Stone of Emerald

Selenite- The Moon, The Angels, & The Divine. 

Selenite, so named for the moon as they both share that magical lustre that draws us all in, is a variety of gypsum that is found in a number of countries including Australia. It is a very soft mineral that scratches easily and needs to be kept dry. Make sure you store it separately from other crystals, preferably wrapped or padded and in a dry environment.
Yep, you guessed it, Selenite (named for Selene- Moon Goddess) is associated with the moon and therefore Moon Magick; but Selenite is also associated with other celestial beings- Angels. If you seek the guidance of Angels, Selenite may assist you in doing so. It is a crystal that promotes love and harmony, and works well to maintain loving relationships. 
Selenite has a high vibration and can connect you with the higher realms, facilitating spiritual development. It may also assist in unlocking talents from your previous lifetime/s. Try using Selenite in meditation to facilitate self-discovery and to come to better understand your place in the world. 
Selenite cleanses the aura, and opens and activates the upper chakras (all the way to the soul star chakra!). Purifying and cleansing on an energetic level, it is often employed by holistic healers. Selenite can link spirit and matter by lowering the frequency of light while raising the frequency of matter, this helps to bring us closer to the Divine.
Selenite is a protective stone that can dispel negative energy. It can enhance one’s psychic abilities, and also bring about mental clarity. It may also have a stabilising, therefore calming effect on the emotions by bringing to the forefront our true spiritual purpose. 
On the physical side of things (and remembering this is meant as an holistic support and NOT medical advice), Selenite may assist with fertility and increasing libido, and is a wonderful support for pregnancy and the resulting motherhood… no wonder it’s named for the moon (the moon, of course, having a link to the menstrual cycle of women). Selenite may also be great for the bones by assisting with calcium absorption, also I remember learning at some point in my crystal studies that it may benefit the spine in helping to align it, I’ve prescribed it to my mother in the past when she was having trouble with her back and she reported some improvement after using some Selenite I gave her for the purpose. 
My interest in Selenite has increased steadily over the past twelve months and when I contemplate that I’m not at all surprised. As we move toward ascension in the Age of Aquarius, it makes sense that Selenite would help facilitate this process with its abilities to reach the higher realms and bring down the Divine light into the physical matter of the human body. Selenite brings about mental clarity and enhances our psychic abilities, it allows us to recall past life knowledge, so to me that suggests it would make the perfect partner for us at this point in our spiritual journeys at this time on Earth.
So in summation, if you are looking to further your spiritual and/or psychic development, or you are in the business of energetic healing, Selenite is a must have for the “toolbox”. Just remember to treat it gently; I use a Selenite rod in my Merkabah grid under my crystal healing table, and although I often leave the grid set up (made up of Clear Quartz & Black Tourmaline), I always remove the Selenite and carefully pack it away to protect it from accidental damage.

Chrysocolla- Oceans Of Meaningful Communication

Who could resist the beauty and allure of Chrysocolla, seriously who? Well I do love my bluey-green coloured stones, and Chrysocolla is no different…


Chrysocolla, from the Greek ‘chrysos’ and ‘kolla’ meaning gold and glue, as it was once used as a gold soldering agent. Chrysocolla is a beautiful bluey-teal and green colour. As the colours suggest, Chrysocolla is beneficial at the heart and throat chakras, assisting in bringing loving heart energy up through the throat chakra to foster hearty and sincere communication.

 Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, helping to dispel negativity. It may help to reduce anxiety and stress with its calming effect. I find just staring at its beautiful swirl of delicious colour is enough to send peaceful swirling tendrils of tranquility through my body. Chrysocolla’s intense colours remind me of the ocean, which has always had a calming effect on me (anyone would think I was a water sign instead of an air sign, go figure).


Although Chrysocolla is great for assisting at the throat chakra, specifically when it comes to clear and meaningful communication, it can be used at any of the chakras to help align and energize them. Chrysocolla, used at the third eye chakra may assist to stimulate psychic abilities. It is also a good choice for the higher heart chakra.

Chrysocolla can empower women and assist men to be in touch with their feminine sides. It will inspire expression and creativity. Carry some Chrysocolla to aid you in expressing your ideas to others. 

Physically, I love Chrysocolla as it aids healing of arthritis and rheumatism, assists with insulin production and balancing the blood, and also assists with thyroid problems (unfortunately I tick all those boxes).

 I resisted Chrysocolla for so long, this suggests to me that I had to wait for it to come to me at a time when I would need it most. I purchased my first piece of Chrysocolla when undertaking my Crystal Light Healing® studies, which when thought about, makes a lot of sense; Chrysocolla is beneficial to someone speaking to groups, and imparting wisdom and knowledge within a spiritual setting.

 So, how do you feel about Chrysocolla? Leave me a comment below and let me know.



Black Tourmaline (Schorl)- An Essential For The Collection

Tourmaline comes in a range of colours, but for this article we will specifically look at the benefits of Black Tourmaline (aka Schorl).

Years ago, before my daughter was born, my husband and I belonged to a Lapidary Club. On one of the few fossicking excursions I went on, hubby and I found quite a few small pieces of Black Tourmaline. Being small pieces actually suits my needs in how I use Black Tourmaline. Remember, small is portal ergo extremely useful in everyday personal and discreet use (i.e. can be easily carried and concealed on your person).

Black stones tend to be very powerful in grounding and protecting, and Black Tourmaline is no exception. It is my choice for use in the crystal grids I use when performing Crystal Healings. It is an effective stone for grounding and channelling, and protects from negative and harmful energies as it can deflect and dispel them. Being a stone of purification and grounding, Black Tourmaline is best used at the base chakra and/ or Earth star chakra.

It is said that Black Tourmaline can guard against radiation and electromagnetic smog. I actually know people who use it to guard against the possible effects of Smart Metres (I’ve added a few pieces to my metrebox as well). It’s very hard these days to avoid electromagnetic smog, we use and are exposed to electrical devices daily, and even when we sleep. Keep Black Tourmaline around the home, the office, and even the yard where you and your family play and relax.

Black Tourmaline is a good choice to use if creating a protective circle for magickal work. It may assist to protect from energies of the lower realms that may seek to cause harm or mischief.

As if Black Tourmaline couldn’t be any more awesome already, there is the added bonus that this stone is reputed to be beneficial if you suffer from stress and anxiety (which is most of us, right.) Similar to the properties of Hematite, Black Tourmaline may be beneficial for arthritic bones, and cleansing and purifying the blood and organs.

It is my personal opinion that Black Tourmaline is a must have in all crystal kits/collections. If you are looking for crystals to start a collection that you plan to use for healing and/or magickal work, then this stone is what I recommend as essential to your start up kit.


Hematite- My Personal Fav!



Hematite is my all-time favourite crystal. I have been attracted to it for as long as I have loved crystals. Someone once told me this makes sense as I am a Gemini and need its grounding powers, and they are correct. Just like a magpie I’m distracted and attracted to shiny things (lol magpie- I’m also a Collingwood supporter), and so Hematite’s metallic shine always draws my eye, and I want to take home every piece I see.

Like other dark stones, Hematite is useful for grounding and protection. I like to use it during a crystal healing to help anchor the client during deep spiritual work. I also like to use it after I’ve done a client’s healing to clear and ground myself. I also use Hematite to ground myself after meditation as I tend to be a person that comes out of meditation begrudgingly because I love being in the other realms just chilling out, Earth’s vibration is denser and I often feel a jolt coming back that makes me feel out of sync with this plane- the Hematite helps me to adjust to this denser vibration.

Another reason I’m most likely drawn to Hematite may be that I suffer from anaemia and anxiety, two conditions that Hematite is known for aiding. Hematite, due to it’s being the mineral form of Iron Oxide, is said to aid absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells. The name Hematite in fact derives its meaning from the Greek word for blood.

So as I just mentioned, it is the mineral form of Iron Oxide… that’s right, not technically a crystal, Hematite is a mineral. It is associated with blood disorders, and its magnetic form may aid with arthritic conditions. Hematite is used to help boost self-esteem, and balance meridians. Hematite is connected to the base chakra. I have also heard that Hematite may assist with addictions.

I believe Hematite is an important addition to your collection if you do a lot of spiritual work, given its grounding and balancing properties. Made into a magnetic bracelet, it also makes a great gift for someone who struggles from arthritis. Given its reflective surface, it could be used for scrying if you didn’t have any black stone discs or quartz balls.

Citrine- Success Comes In The Form Of A Yellow Stone

Abundance, prosperity, success- just a few words that apply to this crystal giving it the nickname ‘Success Stone’. Citrine is a pretty amazing stone, it never needs cleansing as it never absorbs negative energy. This quality also makes it good for combatting negative energy. Citrine is a good choice for the Solar Plexus Chakra as it helps intensify personal power. So abundance, success, combats negative energy, aids in personal power… I’d say this makes Citrine a good choice for placing at your workstation at your place of employment.

To me, Citrine has always said “abundance” and so I keep some next to my bed along with some Rose Quartz to always ensure an abundance of love and a happy family. Its ability to clear unwanted negative energies, I feel, also keeps us safe at night and has certainly reduced my nightmares and night terrors considerably.


Because Citrine removes negative energy, it stands to reason that it will aid to bring in positivity and happiness. Its golden sunny colour means that placed around your home or adorning your body in the form of jewellery will be just as aesthetically pleasing as beneficially effective.

I have used Citrine to aid my fibromyalgia, it’s worth noting that I am not a medical professional and cannot recommend this as a treatment for fibromyalgia, but having said that it cannot hurt for you to try carrying some Citrine if you suffer the effects of fibromyalgia. Perhaps leave me a comment and let me know if you have tried it and found it effective.

Use Citrine in any magickal spell where you want to attract abundance and success. I have heard Citrine be referred to as the “Merchant’s Stone” in the past because it was believed to increase profits. I think I’m going to try carrying some in my wallet, perhaps you’d like to give it a try too 🙂

Natural Citrine can be hard to come across, the commonly found type usually being heat treated Amethyst. If you can get your hands on some genuine Citrine though, it would be worthwhile.

Moldavite Is Outta This World!

My daughter’s first encounter with Moldavite at the age of three was intense. She did not want to let that tiny piece of Tektite go and became upset when I tried to take it back from her. It really came as no surprise considering we have known from the moment she first opened those very aware, very alert eyes that she is a child of the stars. Moldavite belongs to the group of Tektites, and is found exclusively in Czechoslovakia. It’s believed that Moldavite is of extraterrestrial origin, perhaps forming millions of years ago from a meteorite colliding with Earth.


When I first held that piece of Moldavite that my daughter didn’t seem to want to let go of, I was disappointed to not have the same type of attachment to it, in fact I felt nothing at all. It’s true that certain pieces speak to us, and not long afterwards I had the opportunity to hold a piece of Moldavite whose vibration interacted with my own in such a way that caused it to feel hot and buzzing in my hand. I was back in my favourite shop in the little South Gippy town of Foster, Main Street Revelations. Deborah handed me two or three specimens of Moldavite that had been made into jewellery, the last piece I held is the one that gave me the previously described sensation. I knew that in time we would have much work to do and that I had a lot to learn from this mighty piece of ET rock.

If the theories of its formation are true, then Moldavite is not purely extraterrestrial but a star-born, fire formed blend of heaven and earth. A stone with great potential for unlocking our hearts to the Universe. Indeed it is said that Moldavite may work on the heart chakra, but it is certainly not for the faint of heart as its intensity can take some getting used to. This is a stone that Lightworkers may find beneficial in this Age of Aquarius to help the Earth and fellow man to bring in the light and begin the ascension.

In all that I have read of Moldavite over my time in working with crystals, I have come to understand that this is a crystal only to be taken on when the time is right. In my growth and work as a spiritual being and Lightworker, I am aware that Moldavite came to me at a time when I was ready, and that to have beheld it before that time would not have been a successful partnership. Now though, I am ready to take on the tasks the Universe has set before me and so it has placed Moldavite invitingly into my path.

In time, when I have come to understand its powers more I will chronicle more of our journey into this blog, but for now, the information I am receiving via this powerful companion is yet to be fully comprehended and interpreted.

Rose Quartz- The Heart, The Love, The Gentle Motherly Warmth


The bracelet and pendant in the photo above were purchased from Matty’s Pagan Creations which has a plethora of absolutely gorgeous items that you must browse for yourself. My Mother and I have made several purchases from Matty’s Pagan Creations and plan to make many more… check them out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

The Heart Stone, the crystal of love. Rose Quartz has a beautiful, gentle energy. It has been used as a token of love for centuries. It is said that once a crystal is no longer needed, it disappears or leaves. This has been true for me on at least two occasions, the first being two pieces of agate that saved my life in a car accident, they were the only things not recovered from the wrecked car, I even went back and searched the area where I had the accident but they were gone. The second example of this is from years ago when I was engaged, I had given my fiancé a piece of Rose Quartz as a symbol of my love, but eventually I fell out of love, then he lost the Rose Quartz, it had disappeared from his pocket, and shortly after the relationship ended- true story.

Rose Quartz works on the heart chakra, promoting unconditional love, love for oneself, the ability to receive love, and also to heal relationships and foster bonds within families. Whenever I sense resentment, whether it be me towards another person or another person toward me, I like to visualise us both bathed in loving pink light. Sometimes this visualisation can be difficult if the person has caused you a lot of hurt, so holding some Rose Quartz can help as its gentle compassionate energy helps to dissolve negative feelings of resentment and even fear. It will help you relax, calm your energy, and allow you to let love in.

A while back I placed some Rose Quartz (for love) and Citrine (for abundance) next to my bed. I’ve had some very interesting dreams but thankfully no night terrors since having put the crystals there. Also my alarm and fear at bumps in the night has greatly diminished.

Wherever there are matters of the heart you may find Rose Quartz beneficial. It’s calming, soft energy may assist in situations where calming and/or soothing is required. Some may find its Motherly energy reassuring and comforting in times where you may normally have turned to your Mother but you no longer can (if she has passed or lives far away).

When performing crystal healing work, you may opt for a Rose Quartz wand to use with children due to its gentle energy, or by placing Rose Quartz crystals on the body or within a crystal grid. Rose Quartz would make a beautiful gift for a child, particularly if they struggle with fears and/or nightmares.

Now those ancient Egyptians knew a thing or two when it came to beauty practices, or so they thought (it’s not like there were cameras around in those days to capture their images so that we can compare to today’s beauty standards). We’ve probably all heard the stories of Cleopatra bathing in milk and so on, so it’s no surprise to come across reports of Rose Quartz being found in ancient tombs, supposedly used for beauty treatments. Today, people who work with crystals know the benefits of adding Rose Quartz to elixirs to assist with the complexion.

So in summary: if any of the following are required- soothing, calming, strengthening or mending bonds, relief from fears, feminine energy, motherly comfort, self love, healing for the heart… then reach for some Rose Quartz, relax and breathe. 🙂

Atlantisite- The Info, The Beauty, The Uses


Atlantisite is one of my current favs. Aside from its absolute beauty, it has some great uses. Its gorgeous colouring comes from inclusions of Stichtite (the purple bits) in Serpentine (the green bits). It’s a fairly recent discovery and is found exclusively in Tasmania, Australia (and is also known as Tasmanite).

Containing both Stichtite and Serpentine means Atlantisite has the combined properties of both those crystals as well as its own unique properties. When Atlantisite is used in healing it can call in the healing energies of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria… powerful energies, indeed! It’s a great stone for accessing past life knowledge from the days of Atlantis during meditation. If you have a strong connection with Atlantis you may want to try some meditation time with Atlantisite and see what comes up for you.

Atlantisite is a stone of balance and calm, it’s great for setting boundaries within relationships, and also promotes conflict resolution. If you’re a person who rarely thinks before you speak, you may benefit from wearing or carrying a piece of Atlantisite. It is also a great stone to have in living/family areas of the home, or close to the entry door if you live alone as it promotes a welcoming environment.

Atlantisite may be beneficial in assisting with hypoglycaemia in diabetics, is meant to also be beneficial for the heart and lungs, aid in stomach and kidney complaints, and ladies it’s meant to also assist with easing menstrual cramps (I haven’t tried it though as, thank the goddess! cramping isn’t much of an issue for me these days).

I find I can’t stop staring at this stone, it contains my two favourite colours but I believe I find it alluring for other reasons that I cannot fully explain with words. I find I use it in every crystal healing that I perform as it can be beneficial for so many people in so many ways… probably in ways we are yet to understand, as I mentioned above, it is a relatively new discovery and there doesn’t appear to be a great amount of information out there on it, so I believe down the track more and more properties will be discovered and discussed. I’m often drawn to placing this stone on the heart chakra, which makes sense given it is meant to be beneficial for heart and lungs, and is calming and balancing. I wouldn’t mind betting you’d never be sorry adding this one to your gem collection.

NB: None of this information is to be taken as medical advice. Please seek medical advice from a medical professional for any and all injuries, illnesses and the like.