My First Experience With Cranio Sacral Balancing & Myofascial Release

Dear Readers,

I, myself, am a Practitioner of Holistic Therapies, and as a result I have connected to other therapists from other modalities under the holistic banner along the journey. One of the many perks here is the opportunity to sample a range of treatments, and a range of different techniques from different practitioners (everyone has their own unique style).

In more recent times I have been blessed to make the acquaintance (and resulting friendship) with a lovely and very knowledgeable lady by the name of Heike Weber. Heike, among other modalities, practices Cranio Sacral Balancing & Myofascial Release. When my mother and I sat and listened to Heike very passionately speak about these therapies, we became very intrigued and eager to receive a treatment as it all resonated with us. You can read more about Heike and her business Still Point in her introductory blog here.

As a sufferer of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, my body often feels stiff, sore, achy, and rigid. Not knowing a lot about Cranio Sacral Balancing or Myofascial Release, I went into my treatment with no real expectation, I just wanted to experience Heike’s treatment. I thought perhaps I might feel the effects a couple of days later as is often the case with these sorts of treatments. However, I noticed the positive effects from the moment I attempted to sit up on the massage table, a movement that usually takes me a few goes and a lot of effort to achieve, seemed to happen with ease! My body instantly felt more limber and I noticed that I was able to take the steps down the path to the driveway so much easier than I had on a previous visit to Heike.

But what really blew me away was when I went to pick up my mum after her first treatment with Heike. My mother has been becoming less and less mobile over the years and can barely handle walking the distance to the letter box from her front door unaided. I had assisted her up the path steps to Heike’s but she now barely needed any assistance to descend. My mother who had not been able to lift her arm above her shoulder for some time could now fully extend her arm above her head! It blew me away to say the least. Mum reported now being able to get out of the lounge arm chair so much easier, and just generally move much easier than before. Mum’s health issues are quite complex and so I won’t go into them here, but the improvement was very noticeable and Mum was very pleased with the results.

I highly recommend Heike of Still Point. Her professionalism and intuitive nature are surpassed only by the amazing outcomes of her treatments. If you are interested, you can check out Still Point’s Facebook page here. Heike is also part of the team (along with myself and others) at Gateway Holistic Healing.