Crystals For Meditation 

Do you need a little extra help in meditation? Why not try meditating with crystals. Different crystals may assist in different ways, and so doing some research beforehand may help you to decide which one is best to assist you in achieving what you want from your meditation. 

Below is a list of my top picks for meditation:
Carnelian helps to still & quiet the mind during meditation 
Ametrine helps to calm the mind facilitating greater focus during meditation 
Chrysoprase and Larimar assist in inducing deep meditative states
Selenite is great for meditation and accessing angelic guidance

Happy Meditating 🙂



“Just be in the moment,” is a phrase I have heard many times over the years of my spiritual journey. It’s an easy phrase to utter but it has taken me many years of learning and acquiring discipline to master (and yet still not quite mastered). It requires the ability to quiet one’s mind, which in all fairness is a difficult task for a Gemini, let alone a cusp-born Tauremini such as myself.

Taureminis, being born on the cusp of two opposing astrological signs, are conflicted people, now add that to the multiple streams of mind chatter racing through a Gemini’s head at any one time, and it can make for some indepth debates and random theosophical discussions. To put it succinctly, quieting the mind can be challenging until mastered.

The key is not fighting yourself, the more you tell your mind to shut up, the more it defies you and the more you will enter into debate with it; ergo even MORE annoying brain chatter. When the chatter begins, firstly remain calm, don’t get frustrated. Then, acknowledge whatever it is that your mind absolutely needs to tell you in that moment, then just move it on. See, the mistake we tend to make here is to enter into a “discussion” with our minds on the topic of the “chatter”. You have the power of CHOICE! Choose not to engage your thoughts. Move thoughts on with the promise to yourself that when the time is right, later on, you will return to those thoughts and give them the attention they require. Moving thoughts on was a technique I was taught many years ago when learning to meditate.

Techniques employed in meditation are effective for “being in the moment.” Being in the moment is just that- not dwelling in the past, not being anxious about the future, but being fully present in this exact moment in time, seeing it for what it is- a fleeting moment in an endless string of moments that make up our existence; and then to enjoy the moment, and to be grateful for it.

When you are able to be in the moment, stress and anxiety can fall away. You can breathe easy and just enjoy, let go and enjoy. If this sounds like an impossible thing to you, it may be that your mind is constantly focussing on things which you cannot affect in the moment, such as a previous poor decision, or an impending disciplinary meeting that nothing you can do in this moment is going to change but you are still obsessing over it and causing yourself unnecessary anxiety. If this sounds like you, then there are techniques you can employ to help bring your mind back to the present moment and away from emotions like regret, and anxiety inducing thoughts.

Engaging the five physical senses may help you to stay present in the moment. Engaging sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch in a technique employed to help sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to bring them back into the present moment when they are experiencing a distressing flashback. Smelling coffee beans, looking at bright colours and detailed patterns, and feeling textured objects are ways to engage the senses.

If you are the crafty type (which I am!) you can create your own “In The Moment” object to carry on you (or for someone else to carry), that can be used when the need to be in the moment is called for. A tool to calm and soothe and bring the mind back to the present moment. I have suggested making such an item to the Mental Health clients I work with.

Here is a picture of one that I have made:


In the above example I have used scraps of brightly coloured and patterned material of differing textures sewn together. Inside I sewed some small bells. The lace butterfly, buttons, and the taggy ribbons add texture, pattern and colour. I have added a few sprinkles of essential oil to the item. So as you can see the object engages sight, tactile, hearing, and smell… taste was tricky but I figured four out of the five senses would suffice.

You can make this object however you like: fill the object with coffee beans, dried lavender, potpourri, or even add a few drops/squirts of your favourite perfume or essential oil. Metal charms that clank together could be added for sound, or cellophane could be added to the inner lining to make a crinkly sound. Sequins, buttons, and other such objects can be sewn to the outer layer for detail and texture to engage the tactile sense. Basically the object is very similar to those sensory toys given to babies.

Once you have trained your brain to let go of past and future regrets and worries (as there is usually very little you can do in the present moment to affect these things), you can then, in theory, stop anxiety attacks in their tracks (an important tool for those of us who know the embarrassment of a public anxiety meltdown). When you can truly be in the moment, you can add valuable peace to your wellbeing, allowing yourself the ability to connect to the Divine in all around you.

Good luck on your journey. If you make an “In The Moment” object, paste a picture in the comments section below so that we can all experience and enjoy each other’s creativity… I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

My Crystal Tip: Add some Fluorite to your object, or just carry or wear some to help you learn to meditate and assist to manage that “chatter”. A calming stone, Fluorite may help to relieve anxiety and reduce fear for the future.

Crystals To Assist The Empath

No doubt being an Empath can at times be a cumbersome existence, but as an Empath myself, I believe that, at times, it is also a rewarding existence. As an Empath you get to connect to other beings via an energetic web that gives you insights into the feelings and experiences of those around you; sometimes this is a pleasant feeling, such as the warm and fuzzies that unconditional love can bring about, and yet other times it can be shear dread and horror given off by someone who is genuinely and utterly terrified.

Empaths tend to want to avoid crowded places such as cities, large festivals, busy shopping centres, and streets, and all for good reason. I grew up on the edge of a small country town in rural Victoria, Australia. I was comfortable there, and since I left at the age of 22 I have never felt that comfortable again. When I can’t avoid traveling to Metropolitan areas I literally have to psych myself up to be there; this involves mentally preparing, mindfulness exercises, and protective white lighting (not to mention a special selection of crystals stuffed down my bra). Without these careful preparations I can only describe the feeling of walking urban streets as being “sludged upon” as I pass in close proximity to other people and inevitably through their auric fields as they pass through mine.

As you walk down a busy city street, you are passing and even brushing by other individuals every second or so; that is a lot of different peoples’ varied emotional states you’re passing by! And for the Empath, this would be like flicking between radio stations of contrasting genres at high speed… rock to country to heavy metal to classical to R ‘n’ B… and so forth… get the picture? Yep, sounds exhausting, right? And it is! It is emotionally draining and can leave an Empath a nervous wreck.

So why do we go out at all? Well, frankly sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Some Empaths certainly do become recluses, some are introverts, and then there is me. I’m a Gemini (actually cusp born Gemini-Taurus, a Tauremini- yes, it’s a thing). Taureminis are very conflicted people, which is no surprise when you are born on the cusp of the two most opposite signs of the Zodiac. But a Gemini can use the grounding a Taurus can provide, and a Taurus can use the light heartedness that a Gemini can provide… trust me, I know, my Mother and Husband are both Taurus. So my particular dilemma is that I have a want to be around people, but they drain me, and I tend to suffer from anxiety (that rarely comes from my own issues). And you’ll never guess what I do for a 9-5 job in the mundane world… I work in the Welfare Sector, in Mental Health no less… glutton for punishment? Nah! I love the idea that I can affect change in people’s lives, that as a Empath I can empathise with people and make them feel comfortable and heard and understood. My clients know they are people and not numbers to me, they know that I respect and value them as people because I can show them that. However I do deal with people in crisis and people in various states of depression and anxiety so it is very important I know how to protect myself from taking on the feelings of people I work with and feeling them as my own, because they are not my own, and this is an important thing to remember.

I keep a piece of Smoky Quartz on my desk at work, when I know that my protective white lighting may need an extra boost, like when things are particularly stressful or people are particularly upset, I pop this tumbled piece of Smoky Quartz into my bra and off I go (fellas, you can put it in your pocket or in a small bag around your neck under your shirt for carrying crystals). I choose Smoky Quartz for its grounding and protecting properties as well as its ability to absorb negativity and reduce stress.

If you need to be in a crowded space then it is beneficial to learn and practice how to pull in your auric field closer to your physical body so that fewer people are able to pass through it. However, when you are literally squished up against people in crowds (such as at concerts, for example) then being in each other’s auric fields is pretty much unavoidable. So, knowing that you are potentially heading into these situations, you know that your aura will need cleansing. Some crystals that help to cleanse the aura include: The Purples- Amethyst, Ametrine, Charoite, and Fluorite; and also Tourmaline, and Rutilated Quartz. I like to wear Rutilated Quartz when I perform Crystal Healings.

As I always say, learn to trust your intuition too, if there is a particular crystal that brings you comfort in these situations then I’d say that crystal is a good choice for you to use. It took me years to learn to trust my intuition, but once I finally did, it allowed me to become a much better healer.


Crystals For Achieving A Healthy Weight

Did you see what I did there? I didn’t call this article “Crystals For Weight Loss.” Why not, you ask? Well, in thinking about my most recent health journey (which I hope weight loss will be a part of it), I began thinking about the types of crystals I could use to assist me in this journey. Now, there are plenty of articles out there recommending certain crystals for weight loss but if I’ve learnt nothing else in my life, it’s that everyone’s weight loss journey is very unique to the very specific requirements of the individual.

Take me for example; people assume I’m overweight because I eat too much. On the contrary, I actually don’t eat enough (or often enough) for my specific health requirements. My metabolism is almost non-existent, I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which has led to type 2 diabetes, I have an underactive thyroid, and many doctors have admitted to me that although they need to suggest to me to lose weight, they can appreciate that it is a very difficult thing for me to do.

So right there is one example of a specific weight loss journey- in my case it’s not about supressing appetite or radical diet changes, my journey needs to consist of me finding a way to boost my metabolism so that my body can make better use of the healthy stuff I put in it. But somebody else’s journey may be about supressing appetite, another individual may need support in making healthy choices, and for someone else it may be around being more active and getting a good amount of exercise.

So the point I’m getting at here is that giving people a general overview of a couple of crystals that may assist with weight loss may not be very helpful unless it is specifically directed at the particular area of the weight loss journey they need to target. Just think about it for a moment; take someone who eats an average amount of food, maybe not the right foods, but they certainly don’t eat to excess. Now if that person happens to be a diabetic, then it is important they eat regularly to maintain their blood sugar levels, right? So how helpful would it be to give them a ‘crystal for weight loss’ if that crystal’s role is to assist with supressing the appetite?

So baring that last point in mind, I set about writing this blog post with a view to making suggestions for crystals that aren’t about losing weight, but more around being healthy in general, and supporting people on their individual journeys to becoming more fit & healthy.

So onto the crystals….

How many times have you started on a weight loss journey, which at first starts out ok, you lose a few kilos, but as soon as it plateaus you give up… but then you try again 6-12 months down the track and then you quit again, and then you discover a new diet or pill or exercise regime, and that all fails too, and then you hate yourself so you go and eat a cheese burger and packet of Tim Tams on the couch in front of your favourite movie… sound familiar? Yup, we are our own worst enemies, our worst critics. We need to be kind to ourselves if we are to succeed on these journeys. We need to be encouraging and nurturing, as we would be to others if we were to try and support them on a similar journey. Being kind to ourselves isn’t easy and that’s where I believe Rhodocrosite may be beneficial. This beautiful stone of love and compassion helps bring about a positive attitude, it helps you to face yourself and your truth but in a way that is loving and tender. A bonus is that Rhodocrosite helps to balance the thyroid (definitely a plus for me!) Rose Quartz is another good choice as it is a stone of unconditional love and has a beautiful soft energy.

The following is a list of crystals that may help support health and address some of the areas of imbalance that can lead to an unhealthy weight. Using (and trusting) your intuition, choose what feels right for you. Various methods of using the crystals can be applied, check out my blog post on Maximising Your Drinking Water With Crystal Grids for some ideas. The crystals can also be worn/carried or meditated upon.

Amazonite helps to maintain optimum health.

Sodalite balances the metabolism and boosts the immune system.

Amethyst balances the metabolism.

Chrysocolla helps maintain the metabolism, thyroid, and blood sugars, and may be beneficial in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Herkimer Diamond may prevent burnout, and help balance the metabolism.

White Moonstone may improve digestion, while Rainbow Moonstone may assist hormonal issues including thyroid.

Lemon Chrysoprase may assist in weight loss, detox, and balancing the hormones.

Blue Topaz may boost the metabolism and aid digestion.

This list is in no way extensive; these are the crystals I have chosen for this article using my knowledge and intuition. You may find other crystals work better for you, and I would encourage you to explore and use your intuition when building a relationship with the crystals you want to use to support you in your spiritual and holistic health and growth.

Don’t forget, this is still no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. Also this is not medical advice, it is merely a suggested holistic support used as an add-on to your health journey. I wish you all the very best of luck xx.


Energy Vampires- How To Spot Them & What To Do About Them

We all know one (or at least one), there is one in every social circle, the person (whether they are aware of it or not) who drains your energy. Maybe you’re that person, watch the body language of others, does it appear they can’t be bothered listening to you? Or perhaps they appear somewhat distressed?

Sometimes energy vampires (and perhaps more often than not) are not consciously aware of what they are doing. Sometimes the “victims” are even sympathetic toward the “vampire”, saying things like “they mean well” or “but they have gone through so much.” But the poor “victim” is still left with the life sucked out of them and emotionally exhausted.

So, how to recognise an energy vampire? I bet some names have already started popping into your head as you read the first paragraph. You may have called them by other names or used other ways to describe them. The following are some words or phrases you may have heard to describe an energy vampire:

  • Always plays the victim
  • Wet blanket
  • Always blames everyone else for their problems
  • The Fun Police
  • Whingers
  • Drama Queens
  • Jealous
  • Passive aggressive

And many more, but I’m going to assume you get the picture now, and if you couldn’t name anyone before, I bet you can now.

These people seem to have a need to feed off of others, and spending time with them can seriously drain your energy and leave you feeling low. It would be easy for me to just say “stay away from them!” but they may actually be people you love and care about, such as a family member, even your beloved mother or granny, they could even be your boss! So you can’t just ditch and move on, but there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Firstly, identify all the energy vampires in your life and then decide who has to stay and who needs to go. If you have family, employers, or co-workers that are energy vampires, then you need to consider if you need to keep around certain friends that you have identified as energy vampires. You can’t necessarily rid yourself of family or work colleagues but you can choose to not spend time sipping tea with the lady next door who has a new life drama every week that she feels the need to share with you (yet said neighbour can never remember your children’s names).

Once you have liberated yourself from the energy vampires and other potentially toxic people in your life, then it’s time to learn how to protect yourself from the negative energies of the ones that you cannot avoid.

Firstly a good thing to learn is how to protect your aura. This can be done any number of ways, I’ve been taught quite a few from different spiritual healers and teachers over the years and eventually adapted a technique of my own from what I have learned. The easiest way is to visualise yourself surrounded in protective white light. It doesn’t matter if you have trouble with visualisation, just intending it to be there and to protect you is enough… intention is everything. When we intend for something to be done we direct energy toward it which allows it to happen (this is the best way I can describe it). This is why we must always do our best to intend good things. You just need to intend that this white light, or protective bubble, is keeping out negative and/or harmful energy and only letting the good stuff through, kind of like a sieve that traps the sludgy unwanted stuff but lets the good stuff you want come through.

Keep your aura cleansed and balanced. Some crystals that are good for this are Citrine– as it will cleanse and align your aura, Smokey Quartz– for cleansing and protecting against negative energy, Labradorite– will assist in stopping your energy being zapped as it prevents energy leakage, and can also deflect negative energy from the aura. Rose Quartz will also assist in healing any ill feelings between you and your vampire.

Crystals Speak To Me (Choosing Crystals)

At the age of eleven I discovered that I have a type of psychic ability. Over the years I have come to dub it ‘The Knowing’. People will often say to me that I guessed the answer to a question asked, but it is not that at all. When I ask a question I want the answer to, the answer just appears in my mind and I know it to be true. I know the answer like it has always been there in my mind, yet it wasn’t until the question was asked.

During my spiritual and crystal studies I have been taught various ways of asking a crystal to present itself when I am choosing one. These methods include, but are not limited to, scrying, dowsing, sensing heat, asking one to pop out etc. The best way for me is to intuitively know which one is the one by asking it.

My latest article for The Australian Pagan Magazine will be on Moonstone. Recently I wanted to photograph some Moonstone to go with the article. I wore some Moonstone jewellery that day but found it wasn’t enough (in my opinion) and I wasn’t quite happy with the picture. I couldn’t grab more Moonstone from my collection I use for healing as I wasn’t in the same area as my holistic healing centre where they are stored that day. As I was in South Gippsland for the day I decided to pop into my favourite store for crystals and other gifts in Foster- Main Street Revelations.

The proprietor, Deborah, is a very friendly and knowledgeable lady. She waited until I was ready, and how she knew I was ready given I wandered in and out for around 5-10 minutes looking at my prize through the front window then the inside display case, I guess only The Knowing truly knows. But when I was ready she was already wandering over with the display case key asking what had caught my eye. I had found some Rainbow Moonstone eggs.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

Deborah placed these two Moonstone eggs into my hands, as I stared at them asking which one will be suitable for my purpose, the answer presented itself in my head… and I no longer question it like I used to. The eggs told me they come as a pair. So far they have been happy coming with me together, as I can sense their contentedness. They are beautiful specimens, and at Deborah’s very reasonable prices, I could afford to have both.

I have many examples of ‘The Knowing’ from my 35 years in this incarnation but I thought I would share with you my latest as it involves crystals. As an eleven year old naively playing with my new found ability, I had no idea it could be worked upon and strengthened. I’m still a little apprehensive of what the extend of my full ability is and what I can do, so for now I’m content with it helping me to speak with my crystals.

If you happen to be down in South Gippsland, pop in and see Deborah in Foster at Main Street Revelations, you won’t be disappointed you did. And don’t forget to order your next copy of The Australian Pagan Magazine to check out my article (under the pseudonym Athena Dragonfly) on Moonstone and the many other great articles by a wonderfully knowledgeable group of Australian Pagan contributors.

A Brief Overview On Choosing and Using Crystals


Choosing & Cleansing Your Crystal

A good way to choose the right crystal for you and your current purpose is to stand in front of a selection of crystals, close your eyes, think of your purpose, then ask for the right crystal to show itself to you. When you open your eyes you will be drawn to the appropriate crystal, this might be the first one to catch your eye or it may jump out in another way. Once you find it, place it in your hand and see if it’s energy feels right to you. If you are sensitive to crystal energy you may feel it vibrating. You may also employ the use of a pendulum to dowse for the right crystal.

Once you have found and purchased your crystal it will need to be cleansed and dedicated or programmed. Crystals can be cleansed in several ways. One popular way of cleansing crystals is to place them under the light of a full moon. Crystals can also be cleansed by burying them in the earth, this can be done in an indoor pot plant if you prefer, and dug up after a few days. Some, but not all crystals can be cleansed in salt water. Research your crystal first as some break done easily and should be kept out of water. A couple of crystals are self cleansing, and some can be cleansed by being placed on an amethyst cluster. Cleanse your crystals by the method that feels right to you. Cleansing a crystal rids it of other energies that may be present on the crystal from being handled by other people. Cleanse it as often as required so that your crystal will always perform at its optimal potential.

Dedicating or programming a crystal can be as simple as holding your crystal in your hands and meditating on it, focussing your energy into, and filling it with your intent. You may be doing this as part of a spell depending on the purpose and your intent for the crystal.

How Crystals Are Used

Crystals formed as the earth formed and they continue to change as the earth changes. Crystals absorb and transmit energy. Special care should always be taken in selecting a crystal and also in cleansing it and dedicating it.

Different crystals can be used for different purposes. Once you have decided on your purpose, selected your crystal, cleansed and dedicated it, it is time to think about how you are going to use it. How you use it will depend on your purpose. Some uses for crystals are listed below:

  • Healing
  • Scrying
  • Divination
  • Protection
  • Gem Elixirs
  • Decoration

Healing: Crystals work by balancing through vibrations. In healing, a crystal healer may opt to use a crystal wand to direct these vibrations. They may also place certain crystals at certain points on the body such as in chakra balancing. Healing crystals may also be worn or carried.

Scrying: Even if you have never heard the term scrying before, you’ve certainly seen images of it, of Gypsies and Witches poised over a crystal ball. Crystal balls can be useful for this purpose, but the use of polished onyx discs or plates/bowls also work well as the reflective surface can be stared at with unfocused eyes to bring about signs, symbols, visions and messages from the higher self.

Divination: Divination can take may forms. A lot of sets of runes these days are made from crystals. A selection of crystals can also be placed in a bag and provide an answer when selected at random from the bag when a question has been asked. The majority of pendulums are made from crystals. When selecting and using a pendulum you would select a crystal that resonates with you.

Protection: When crystals are used for protection, depending on the specific need, they can be worn, buried, carried (such as in mojo bags), or placed at specific points around the home.

Gem Elixirs: Some, but not all (as some crystals can be toxic), can be placed in a clear glass bottle with spring water to charge the water and create gem water or gem essence. This water then can be drunk or spritzed around the home.

Decoration: Many crystals are used and worn purely for decoration, though I would urge anyone doing this to research the crystals they are using as some (such as hematite) shouldn’t be worn for lengthy periods.