Blue Stones, Sore Throats, and the Fifth Chakra

Disclaimer: this is NOT medical advice and should not be taken as such.

Recently I was laid up with a chest infection. The whole family had been crook and I was the last to cop it. As you can imagine there is a lot of coughing involved in such an infection, and after a while my throat became annoyingly sore. 

But hey! C’mon Witch, heal thyself! So I mustered all the energy I could to drag my dishevelled self out of bed and into my treatment room in search of blue crystals. I like blue crystals for working with the throat chakra, which I was sure would be totally out of whack at this time; I leaned toward light blue as intuitively it felt right for my throat at this time, so the likes of Chalcedony, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Larimar I thought would all make good choices. I steered clear of Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite because I like to use those for communication issues, however these stones will work with the throat chakra as well.

And that leads me onto my next point- choosing your crystals intuitively. You’ve got to trust that your higher self knows exactly what you need at that exact moment in time, so if you intuitively choose Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite for your sore throat then go with it, there very well may be more going on to do with your healing than you are consciously aware of.

I moved my hand over a selection of crystals until two light blue stones jumped out at me. I took them back to bed and laid down, placing them on my throat. Within a couple of minutes I noticed my throat felt soothed and was notably less sore than it had been; the soreness held off longer too allowing me to rest more peacefully while I recovered.

Anyway, I thought I would share my experience with you. Feel free to share with me what has worked for you previously; what crystals would you reach for if you had a sore throat? 


Protection For An Anticipated Stressful Day Ahead

The other day I anticipated that it was to be a stressful day at work; there were a few things going on and I was feeling very anxious about things. So my crystal choices for the day included the following:

Rainbow Moonstone (ring): I chose this crystal for its motherly support. It’s a great stone for when you are feeling alone or vulnerable. In this particular situation I was feeling vulnerable.

Smoky Quartz (tucked in my bra): I chose this one for its protective qualities and its ability to cleanse the aura. I thought it a good choice in case I picked up any negativity from the situation.

Watermelon Tourmaline (pendant): I chose this to support my heart chakra.

Rose Quartz (bracelet): Again, this was to support my heart chakra.

How did it all turn out? I actually had an enjoyable day. Now, you may not want to carry or wear so many pieces, one crystal may suffice; I followed my intuition on this one and it led me to choose four pieces for the day.