My First Experience With Cranio Sacral Balancing & Myofascial Release

Dear Readers,

I, myself, am a Practitioner of Holistic Therapies, and as a result I have connected to other therapists from other modalities under the holistic banner along the journey. One of the many perks here is the opportunity to sample a range of treatments, and a range of different techniques from different practitioners (everyone has their own unique style).

In more recent times I have been blessed to make the acquaintance (and resulting friendship) with a lovely and very knowledgeable lady by the name of Heike Weber. Heike, among other modalities, practices Cranio Sacral Balancing & Myofascial Release. When my mother and I sat and listened to Heike very passionately speak about these therapies, we became very intrigued and eager to receive a treatment as it all resonated with us. You can read more about Heike and her business Still Point in her introductory blog here.

As a sufferer of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, my body often feels stiff, sore, achy, and rigid. Not knowing a lot about Cranio Sacral Balancing or Myofascial Release, I went into my treatment with no real expectation, I just wanted to experience Heike’s treatment. I thought perhaps I might feel the effects a couple of days later as is often the case with these sorts of treatments. However, I noticed the positive effects from the moment I attempted to sit up on the massage table, a movement that usually takes me a few goes and a lot of effort to achieve, seemed to happen with ease! My body instantly felt more limber and I noticed that I was able to take the steps down the path to the driveway so much easier than I had on a previous visit to Heike.

But what really blew me away was when I went to pick up my mum after her first treatment with Heike. My mother has been becoming less and less mobile over the years and can barely handle walking the distance to the letter box from her front door unaided. I had assisted her up the path steps to Heike’s but she now barely needed any assistance to descend. My mother who had not been able to lift her arm above her shoulder for some time could now fully extend her arm above her head! It blew me away to say the least. Mum reported now being able to get out of the lounge arm chair so much easier, and just generally move much easier than before. Mum’s health issues are quite complex and so I won’t go into them here, but the improvement was very noticeable and Mum was very pleased with the results.

I highly recommend Heike of Still Point. Her professionalism and intuitive nature are surpassed only by the amazing outcomes of her treatments. If you are interested, you can check out Still Point’s Facebook page here. Heike is also part of the team (along with myself and others) at Gateway Holistic Healing.


Cassilis- Lost In A Pocket Of Time

Here is an account of my visit to the ghost town of Cassilis. All photographs used were taken by me, you are free to use them as long as you please credit the source. – Marti Brown (aka The Crystal Brown Witch).

Nestled in amongst tree covered hills just beyond the small town of Swift’s Creek in Victoria, Australia lies the remains of a town called Cassilis. Disused gold mines and long abandoned machinery and automobiles along with some crude dwellings are all that are left to show for what once must have been an active area and mining town.


A sparse cemetery where the older graves are overgrown, damaged, and sinking into the ground stand testament to young families that had, at a time, tried to make a go of the area.

welcome cemetery sign

death in the mine

A young man in his early 30s who lost his life in an accident at the mine.


Mountains and low lying clouds gave the area a “tucked away” feeling, as if this pocket of land could possibly be untouched by time; I would have believed it too if not for the smattering of modern solar panels that adorned the roof tops of the houses tucked down below the road side and occasionally visible to the passing cars.



In the wooded area where rusted cars and machinery parts littered the scene, sound carried in strange ways and seemed to trick the brain into believing one was not alone. Did miners who lost their lives here still roam the woods trying to get home to their loved ones?

automobile                 mach1

I felt a distinct loneliness and longing attached to the place. A feeling imprinted upon the land from a people long passed on.

My brother was concerned with what treasures may have been left behind when Cassilis became a ghost town, I on the other hand, wondered about its ghosts. I would be a liar if I said the almost pearlescent quartz that peaked above the ground did not pique my interest, was there still gold to be found here at Cassilis? But I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was, at some time, some tragedy that occurred on this land. My empathic senses were at work and feelings of sadness, loneliness, loss, and hopelessness emerged.

And what of the current residents of the area? I wondered did they have a sense of sadness and longing for something they could not quite articulate; I would have loved an opportunity to ask them, to find out if they picked up on the echoes of the land from a time when Cassilis thrived.

No treasures were yielded that day save for an old fashioned nail holding within it the labours of times gone by.

the nail


We visited the Cassilis Cemetery before leaving the area. The Cemetery was sparse. A few boulders bore plaques of more recent deaths and recent tributes to great great grandparents who were once residents of Cassilis. Older graves showed whole families dying within a year or so of each other. Still older graves were unreadable, some broken and faded, some overgrown with weeds, and even some that the ground appeared to attempted to swallow.

broken and faded                                   overgrown

sinking into the ground



Animal borrows labyrinthed underneath the oldest graves causing the ground to become all the more hollowed. A single rabbit’s foot lay upon the ground, lucky for some, unlucky for the rabbit.


The flat patch of ground that homed the cemetery lay between engulfing hills, a recreation reserve was the cemetery’s neighbour. I remember thinking it was a rather out of the way place for a cemetery, but found it an even more odd place for a rec reserve. In my opinion it gave the place an uneasy feeling though I can’t quite articulate why.

DSCF2872                         DSCF2833

I had travelled to Cassilis in the hopes that the land might tell me its secrets. I have a fascination for ghost towns and long to learn the history of the trials and tributes that led to the rise and then ultimate demise of a community. I’m also interested in the emotional imprinting on the land, and the effects that has on people who live or pass through the area. The cemetery showed at least one death at the mine through accident, though I would hazard a guess there were at least a few more. I imagine the anguish of childless mothers and young widows with little mouths to feed whose heads forever more lifted to the empty roads in search of the men who never returned home from their hard work in the mines. This is the heavy sadness I felt in Cassilis that welled my eyes throughout the day. I may never know with any certainty if I am right about the tragedy I felt in Cassilis as I can’t find anything chronicled (if there is any at all), but I know what I felt did not come from my own feelings or experiences but more like an echo or whisper on the wind that cut through to the bone and weighed down heavy in my heart.

To those that lives their lives to the mines at Cassilis, may the Goddess bless you, lead you to the Summerland, reunite you with your loved ones, and bring you peace.

Chrysocolla- Oceans Of Meaningful Communication

Who could resist the beauty and allure of Chrysocolla, seriously who? Well I do love my bluey-green coloured stones, and Chrysocolla is no different…


Chrysocolla, from the Greek ‘chrysos’ and ‘kolla’ meaning gold and glue, as it was once used as a gold soldering agent. Chrysocolla is a beautiful bluey-teal and green colour. As the colours suggest, Chrysocolla is beneficial at the heart and throat chakras, assisting in bringing loving heart energy up through the throat chakra to foster hearty and sincere communication.

 Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, helping to dispel negativity. It may help to reduce anxiety and stress with its calming effect. I find just staring at its beautiful swirl of delicious colour is enough to send peaceful swirling tendrils of tranquility through my body. Chrysocolla’s intense colours remind me of the ocean, which has always had a calming effect on me (anyone would think I was a water sign instead of an air sign, go figure).


Although Chrysocolla is great for assisting at the throat chakra, specifically when it comes to clear and meaningful communication, it can be used at any of the chakras to help align and energize them. Chrysocolla, used at the third eye chakra may assist to stimulate psychic abilities. It is also a good choice for the higher heart chakra.

Chrysocolla can empower women and assist men to be in touch with their feminine sides. It will inspire expression and creativity. Carry some Chrysocolla to aid you in expressing your ideas to others. 

Physically, I love Chrysocolla as it aids healing of arthritis and rheumatism, assists with insulin production and balancing the blood, and also assists with thyroid problems (unfortunately I tick all those boxes).

 I resisted Chrysocolla for so long, this suggests to me that I had to wait for it to come to me at a time when I would need it most. I purchased my first piece of Chrysocolla when undertaking my Crystal Light Healing® studies, which when thought about, makes a lot of sense; Chrysocolla is beneficial to someone speaking to groups, and imparting wisdom and knowledge within a spiritual setting.

 So, how do you feel about Chrysocolla? Leave me a comment below and let me know.




“Just be in the moment,” is a phrase I have heard many times over the years of my spiritual journey. It’s an easy phrase to utter but it has taken me many years of learning and acquiring discipline to master (and yet still not quite mastered). It requires the ability to quiet one’s mind, which in all fairness is a difficult task for a Gemini, let alone a cusp-born Tauremini such as myself.

Taureminis, being born on the cusp of two opposing astrological signs, are conflicted people, now add that to the multiple streams of mind chatter racing through a Gemini’s head at any one time, and it can make for some indepth debates and random theosophical discussions. To put it succinctly, quieting the mind can be challenging until mastered.

The key is not fighting yourself, the more you tell your mind to shut up, the more it defies you and the more you will enter into debate with it; ergo even MORE annoying brain chatter. When the chatter begins, firstly remain calm, don’t get frustrated. Then, acknowledge whatever it is that your mind absolutely needs to tell you in that moment, then just move it on. See, the mistake we tend to make here is to enter into a “discussion” with our minds on the topic of the “chatter”. You have the power of CHOICE! Choose not to engage your thoughts. Move thoughts on with the promise to yourself that when the time is right, later on, you will return to those thoughts and give them the attention they require. Moving thoughts on was a technique I was taught many years ago when learning to meditate.

Techniques employed in meditation are effective for “being in the moment.” Being in the moment is just that- not dwelling in the past, not being anxious about the future, but being fully present in this exact moment in time, seeing it for what it is- a fleeting moment in an endless string of moments that make up our existence; and then to enjoy the moment, and to be grateful for it.

When you are able to be in the moment, stress and anxiety can fall away. You can breathe easy and just enjoy, let go and enjoy. If this sounds like an impossible thing to you, it may be that your mind is constantly focussing on things which you cannot affect in the moment, such as a previous poor decision, or an impending disciplinary meeting that nothing you can do in this moment is going to change but you are still obsessing over it and causing yourself unnecessary anxiety. If this sounds like you, then there are techniques you can employ to help bring your mind back to the present moment and away from emotions like regret, and anxiety inducing thoughts.

Engaging the five physical senses may help you to stay present in the moment. Engaging sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch in a technique employed to help sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to bring them back into the present moment when they are experiencing a distressing flashback. Smelling coffee beans, looking at bright colours and detailed patterns, and feeling textured objects are ways to engage the senses.

If you are the crafty type (which I am!) you can create your own “In The Moment” object to carry on you (or for someone else to carry), that can be used when the need to be in the moment is called for. A tool to calm and soothe and bring the mind back to the present moment. I have suggested making such an item to the Mental Health clients I work with.

Here is a picture of one that I have made:


In the above example I have used scraps of brightly coloured and patterned material of differing textures sewn together. Inside I sewed some small bells. The lace butterfly, buttons, and the taggy ribbons add texture, pattern and colour. I have added a few sprinkles of essential oil to the item. So as you can see the object engages sight, tactile, hearing, and smell… taste was tricky but I figured four out of the five senses would suffice.

You can make this object however you like: fill the object with coffee beans, dried lavender, potpourri, or even add a few drops/squirts of your favourite perfume or essential oil. Metal charms that clank together could be added for sound, or cellophane could be added to the inner lining to make a crinkly sound. Sequins, buttons, and other such objects can be sewn to the outer layer for detail and texture to engage the tactile sense. Basically the object is very similar to those sensory toys given to babies.

Once you have trained your brain to let go of past and future regrets and worries (as there is usually very little you can do in the present moment to affect these things), you can then, in theory, stop anxiety attacks in their tracks (an important tool for those of us who know the embarrassment of a public anxiety meltdown). When you can truly be in the moment, you can add valuable peace to your wellbeing, allowing yourself the ability to connect to the Divine in all around you.

Good luck on your journey. If you make an “In The Moment” object, paste a picture in the comments section below so that we can all experience and enjoy each other’s creativity… I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

My Crystal Tip: Add some Fluorite to your object, or just carry or wear some to help you learn to meditate and assist to manage that “chatter”. A calming stone, Fluorite may help to relieve anxiety and reduce fear for the future.

Protection For An Anticipated Stressful Day Ahead

The other day I anticipated that it was to be a stressful day at work; there were a few things going on and I was feeling very anxious about things. So my crystal choices for the day included the following:

Rainbow Moonstone (ring): I chose this crystal for its motherly support. It’s a great stone for when you are feeling alone or vulnerable. In this particular situation I was feeling vulnerable.

Smoky Quartz (tucked in my bra): I chose this one for its protective qualities and its ability to cleanse the aura. I thought it a good choice in case I picked up any negativity from the situation.

Watermelon Tourmaline (pendant): I chose this to support my heart chakra.

Rose Quartz (bracelet): Again, this was to support my heart chakra.

How did it all turn out? I actually had an enjoyable day. Now, you may not want to carry or wear so many pieces, one crystal may suffice; I followed my intuition on this one and it led me to choose four pieces for the day.


Crystals To Assist The Empath

No doubt being an Empath can at times be a cumbersome existence, but as an Empath myself, I believe that, at times, it is also a rewarding existence. As an Empath you get to connect to other beings via an energetic web that gives you insights into the feelings and experiences of those around you; sometimes this is a pleasant feeling, such as the warm and fuzzies that unconditional love can bring about, and yet other times it can be shear dread and horror given off by someone who is genuinely and utterly terrified.

Empaths tend to want to avoid crowded places such as cities, large festivals, busy shopping centres, and streets, and all for good reason. I grew up on the edge of a small country town in rural Victoria, Australia. I was comfortable there, and since I left at the age of 22 I have never felt that comfortable again. When I can’t avoid traveling to Metropolitan areas I literally have to psych myself up to be there; this involves mentally preparing, mindfulness exercises, and protective white lighting (not to mention a special selection of crystals stuffed down my bra). Without these careful preparations I can only describe the feeling of walking urban streets as being “sludged upon” as I pass in close proximity to other people and inevitably through their auric fields as they pass through mine.

As you walk down a busy city street, you are passing and even brushing by other individuals every second or so; that is a lot of different peoples’ varied emotional states you’re passing by! And for the Empath, this would be like flicking between radio stations of contrasting genres at high speed… rock to country to heavy metal to classical to R ‘n’ B… and so forth… get the picture? Yep, sounds exhausting, right? And it is! It is emotionally draining and can leave an Empath a nervous wreck.

So why do we go out at all? Well, frankly sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Some Empaths certainly do become recluses, some are introverts, and then there is me. I’m a Gemini (actually cusp born Gemini-Taurus, a Tauremini- yes, it’s a thing). Taureminis are very conflicted people, which is no surprise when you are born on the cusp of the two most opposite signs of the Zodiac. But a Gemini can use the grounding a Taurus can provide, and a Taurus can use the light heartedness that a Gemini can provide… trust me, I know, my Mother and Husband are both Taurus. So my particular dilemma is that I have a want to be around people, but they drain me, and I tend to suffer from anxiety (that rarely comes from my own issues). And you’ll never guess what I do for a 9-5 job in the mundane world… I work in the Welfare Sector, in Mental Health no less… glutton for punishment? Nah! I love the idea that I can affect change in people’s lives, that as a Empath I can empathise with people and make them feel comfortable and heard and understood. My clients know they are people and not numbers to me, they know that I respect and value them as people because I can show them that. However I do deal with people in crisis and people in various states of depression and anxiety so it is very important I know how to protect myself from taking on the feelings of people I work with and feeling them as my own, because they are not my own, and this is an important thing to remember.

I keep a piece of Smoky Quartz on my desk at work, when I know that my protective white lighting may need an extra boost, like when things are particularly stressful or people are particularly upset, I pop this tumbled piece of Smoky Quartz into my bra and off I go (fellas, you can put it in your pocket or in a small bag around your neck under your shirt for carrying crystals). I choose Smoky Quartz for its grounding and protecting properties as well as its ability to absorb negativity and reduce stress.

If you need to be in a crowded space then it is beneficial to learn and practice how to pull in your auric field closer to your physical body so that fewer people are able to pass through it. However, when you are literally squished up against people in crowds (such as at concerts, for example) then being in each other’s auric fields is pretty much unavoidable. So, knowing that you are potentially heading into these situations, you know that your aura will need cleansing. Some crystals that help to cleanse the aura include: The Purples- Amethyst, Ametrine, Charoite, and Fluorite; and also Tourmaline, and Rutilated Quartz. I like to wear Rutilated Quartz when I perform Crystal Healings.

As I always say, learn to trust your intuition too, if there is a particular crystal that brings you comfort in these situations then I’d say that crystal is a good choice for you to use. It took me years to learn to trust my intuition, but once I finally did, it allowed me to become a much better healer.


Black Tourmaline (Schorl)- An Essential For The Collection

Tourmaline comes in a range of colours, but for this article we will specifically look at the benefits of Black Tourmaline (aka Schorl).

Years ago, before my daughter was born, my husband and I belonged to a Lapidary Club. On one of the few fossicking excursions I went on, hubby and I found quite a few small pieces of Black Tourmaline. Being small pieces actually suits my needs in how I use Black Tourmaline. Remember, small is portal ergo extremely useful in everyday personal and discreet use (i.e. can be easily carried and concealed on your person).

Black stones tend to be very powerful in grounding and protecting, and Black Tourmaline is no exception. It is my choice for use in the crystal grids I use when performing Crystal Healings. It is an effective stone for grounding and channelling, and protects from negative and harmful energies as it can deflect and dispel them. Being a stone of purification and grounding, Black Tourmaline is best used at the base chakra and/ or Earth star chakra.

It is said that Black Tourmaline can guard against radiation and electromagnetic smog. I actually know people who use it to guard against the possible effects of Smart Metres (I’ve added a few pieces to my metrebox as well). It’s very hard these days to avoid electromagnetic smog, we use and are exposed to electrical devices daily, and even when we sleep. Keep Black Tourmaline around the home, the office, and even the yard where you and your family play and relax.

Black Tourmaline is a good choice to use if creating a protective circle for magickal work. It may assist to protect from energies of the lower realms that may seek to cause harm or mischief.

As if Black Tourmaline couldn’t be any more awesome already, there is the added bonus that this stone is reputed to be beneficial if you suffer from stress and anxiety (which is most of us, right.) Similar to the properties of Hematite, Black Tourmaline may be beneficial for arthritic bones, and cleansing and purifying the blood and organs.

It is my personal opinion that Black Tourmaline is a must have in all crystal kits/collections. If you are looking for crystals to start a collection that you plan to use for healing and/or magickal work, then this stone is what I recommend as essential to your start up kit.


Crystals For Achieving A Healthy Weight

Did you see what I did there? I didn’t call this article “Crystals For Weight Loss.” Why not, you ask? Well, in thinking about my most recent health journey (which I hope weight loss will be a part of it), I began thinking about the types of crystals I could use to assist me in this journey. Now, there are plenty of articles out there recommending certain crystals for weight loss but if I’ve learnt nothing else in my life, it’s that everyone’s weight loss journey is very unique to the very specific requirements of the individual.

Take me for example; people assume I’m overweight because I eat too much. On the contrary, I actually don’t eat enough (or often enough) for my specific health requirements. My metabolism is almost non-existent, I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which has led to type 2 diabetes, I have an underactive thyroid, and many doctors have admitted to me that although they need to suggest to me to lose weight, they can appreciate that it is a very difficult thing for me to do.

So right there is one example of a specific weight loss journey- in my case it’s not about supressing appetite or radical diet changes, my journey needs to consist of me finding a way to boost my metabolism so that my body can make better use of the healthy stuff I put in it. But somebody else’s journey may be about supressing appetite, another individual may need support in making healthy choices, and for someone else it may be around being more active and getting a good amount of exercise.

So the point I’m getting at here is that giving people a general overview of a couple of crystals that may assist with weight loss may not be very helpful unless it is specifically directed at the particular area of the weight loss journey they need to target. Just think about it for a moment; take someone who eats an average amount of food, maybe not the right foods, but they certainly don’t eat to excess. Now if that person happens to be a diabetic, then it is important they eat regularly to maintain their blood sugar levels, right? So how helpful would it be to give them a ‘crystal for weight loss’ if that crystal’s role is to assist with supressing the appetite?

So baring that last point in mind, I set about writing this blog post with a view to making suggestions for crystals that aren’t about losing weight, but more around being healthy in general, and supporting people on their individual journeys to becoming more fit & healthy.

So onto the crystals….

How many times have you started on a weight loss journey, which at first starts out ok, you lose a few kilos, but as soon as it plateaus you give up… but then you try again 6-12 months down the track and then you quit again, and then you discover a new diet or pill or exercise regime, and that all fails too, and then you hate yourself so you go and eat a cheese burger and packet of Tim Tams on the couch in front of your favourite movie… sound familiar? Yup, we are our own worst enemies, our worst critics. We need to be kind to ourselves if we are to succeed on these journeys. We need to be encouraging and nurturing, as we would be to others if we were to try and support them on a similar journey. Being kind to ourselves isn’t easy and that’s where I believe Rhodocrosite may be beneficial. This beautiful stone of love and compassion helps bring about a positive attitude, it helps you to face yourself and your truth but in a way that is loving and tender. A bonus is that Rhodocrosite helps to balance the thyroid (definitely a plus for me!) Rose Quartz is another good choice as it is a stone of unconditional love and has a beautiful soft energy.

The following is a list of crystals that may help support health and address some of the areas of imbalance that can lead to an unhealthy weight. Using (and trusting) your intuition, choose what feels right for you. Various methods of using the crystals can be applied, check out my blog post on Maximising Your Drinking Water With Crystal Grids for some ideas. The crystals can also be worn/carried or meditated upon.

Amazonite helps to maintain optimum health.

Sodalite balances the metabolism and boosts the immune system.

Amethyst balances the metabolism.

Chrysocolla helps maintain the metabolism, thyroid, and blood sugars, and may be beneficial in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Herkimer Diamond may prevent burnout, and help balance the metabolism.

White Moonstone may improve digestion, while Rainbow Moonstone may assist hormonal issues including thyroid.

Lemon Chrysoprase may assist in weight loss, detox, and balancing the hormones.

Blue Topaz may boost the metabolism and aid digestion.

This list is in no way extensive; these are the crystals I have chosen for this article using my knowledge and intuition. You may find other crystals work better for you, and I would encourage you to explore and use your intuition when building a relationship with the crystals you want to use to support you in your spiritual and holistic health and growth.

Don’t forget, this is still no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. Also this is not medical advice, it is merely a suggested holistic support used as an add-on to your health journey. I wish you all the very best of luck xx.


Energy Vampires- How To Spot Them & What To Do About Them

We all know one (or at least one), there is one in every social circle, the person (whether they are aware of it or not) who drains your energy. Maybe you’re that person, watch the body language of others, does it appear they can’t be bothered listening to you? Or perhaps they appear somewhat distressed?

Sometimes energy vampires (and perhaps more often than not) are not consciously aware of what they are doing. Sometimes the “victims” are even sympathetic toward the “vampire”, saying things like “they mean well” or “but they have gone through so much.” But the poor “victim” is still left with the life sucked out of them and emotionally exhausted.

So, how to recognise an energy vampire? I bet some names have already started popping into your head as you read the first paragraph. You may have called them by other names or used other ways to describe them. The following are some words or phrases you may have heard to describe an energy vampire:

  • Always plays the victim
  • Wet blanket
  • Always blames everyone else for their problems
  • The Fun Police
  • Whingers
  • Drama Queens
  • Jealous
  • Passive aggressive

And many more, but I’m going to assume you get the picture now, and if you couldn’t name anyone before, I bet you can now.

These people seem to have a need to feed off of others, and spending time with them can seriously drain your energy and leave you feeling low. It would be easy for me to just say “stay away from them!” but they may actually be people you love and care about, such as a family member, even your beloved mother or granny, they could even be your boss! So you can’t just ditch and move on, but there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Firstly, identify all the energy vampires in your life and then decide who has to stay and who needs to go. If you have family, employers, or co-workers that are energy vampires, then you need to consider if you need to keep around certain friends that you have identified as energy vampires. You can’t necessarily rid yourself of family or work colleagues but you can choose to not spend time sipping tea with the lady next door who has a new life drama every week that she feels the need to share with you (yet said neighbour can never remember your children’s names).

Once you have liberated yourself from the energy vampires and other potentially toxic people in your life, then it’s time to learn how to protect yourself from the negative energies of the ones that you cannot avoid.

Firstly a good thing to learn is how to protect your aura. This can be done any number of ways, I’ve been taught quite a few from different spiritual healers and teachers over the years and eventually adapted a technique of my own from what I have learned. The easiest way is to visualise yourself surrounded in protective white light. It doesn’t matter if you have trouble with visualisation, just intending it to be there and to protect you is enough… intention is everything. When we intend for something to be done we direct energy toward it which allows it to happen (this is the best way I can describe it). This is why we must always do our best to intend good things. You just need to intend that this white light, or protective bubble, is keeping out negative and/or harmful energy and only letting the good stuff through, kind of like a sieve that traps the sludgy unwanted stuff but lets the good stuff you want come through.

Keep your aura cleansed and balanced. Some crystals that are good for this are Citrine– as it will cleanse and align your aura, Smokey Quartz– for cleansing and protecting against negative energy, Labradorite– will assist in stopping your energy being zapped as it prevents energy leakage, and can also deflect negative energy from the aura. Rose Quartz will also assist in healing any ill feelings between you and your vampire.

Hematite- My Personal Fav!



Hematite is my all-time favourite crystal. I have been attracted to it for as long as I have loved crystals. Someone once told me this makes sense as I am a Gemini and need its grounding powers, and they are correct. Just like a magpie I’m distracted and attracted to shiny things (lol magpie- I’m also a Collingwood supporter), and so Hematite’s metallic shine always draws my eye, and I want to take home every piece I see.

Like other dark stones, Hematite is useful for grounding and protection. I like to use it during a crystal healing to help anchor the client during deep spiritual work. I also like to use it after I’ve done a client’s healing to clear and ground myself. I also use Hematite to ground myself after meditation as I tend to be a person that comes out of meditation begrudgingly because I love being in the other realms just chilling out, Earth’s vibration is denser and I often feel a jolt coming back that makes me feel out of sync with this plane- the Hematite helps me to adjust to this denser vibration.

Another reason I’m most likely drawn to Hematite may be that I suffer from anaemia and anxiety, two conditions that Hematite is known for aiding. Hematite, due to it’s being the mineral form of Iron Oxide, is said to aid absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells. The name Hematite in fact derives its meaning from the Greek word for blood.

So as I just mentioned, it is the mineral form of Iron Oxide… that’s right, not technically a crystal, Hematite is a mineral. It is associated with blood disorders, and its magnetic form may aid with arthritic conditions. Hematite is used to help boost self-esteem, and balance meridians. Hematite is connected to the base chakra. I have also heard that Hematite may assist with addictions.

I believe Hematite is an important addition to your collection if you do a lot of spiritual work, given its grounding and balancing properties. Made into a magnetic bracelet, it also makes a great gift for someone who struggles from arthritis. Given its reflective surface, it could be used for scrying if you didn’t have any black stone discs or quartz balls.